Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Library – Magisterium of the Sovereign Pontiffs – Encyclicals, Language: English Type: Documento. Overview. For nearly two thousand years, popes have communicated to the world primarily through their letters. In the premodern world, the papal chancery. Kindly, fatherly Pope John XXIII issued his first encyclical last week, and it proved to be a fatherly message of warning, hope and encouragement. Ad Petri.

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Health will come from a source which has often produced only devastating sickness. We ask all men, but particularly rulers of nations, to weigh these considerations prudently and seriously in the presence of God our protector. Although they will always have deep affection for their native land and their diocese or religious institute, they regard it as clear and certain that the good of the universal Church must be preferred and they must give it their first and wholehearted service.

In writing these words Our thoughts have turned to the bishops, priests, and laymen who have been driven into exile or held under restraint or in prison because they have refused to abandon the work entrusted to them as bishops and priests and to forsake their Catholic faith.

As We reflect on these truths, We embrace with deep sorrow each and every one of the faithful who is impeded and restricted in the practice of his religion.


Anyone who considers without bias the opportunities and advantages which have recently come to the working classes must admit that they are in great part the result of persistent and effective social measures taken by Catholics in accord with the wise directives and repeated exhortations of Our predecessors.

In this Eucharistic sacrifice Christ Himself, our Salvation and our Redeemer, immolates Himself each day for all of us and mercifully pours out on us the countless riches of His grace. The mother, on the other hand, should form her children firmly and graciously by the mildness of her manner and by her virtue.

They must seek God’s grace in humble and ceaseless prayer, and they must rely on this grace far more than on their own toil and labor. AAS 23 We have another recommendation also, and We are sure that it will be warmly received. This long-desired unity, fostered and fed by brotherly love, will beget a great peace. There are many today who need our counsel, good example, and assistance, for their lot in life is unhappy and miserable.


We wish to express Our deep gratitude and love for these beloved children of Ours.

She does this to the extent that matters are not absolutely certain. One Fold and One Shepherd From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The members of Catholic Action must marshal their ranks; they must align themselves beside their bishops and be ready to obey every command.

Ad Petri cathedram – Wikipedia

But they will accomplish all this as they should only if each of them pays particular attention to his personal formation in Christian wisdom and virtue.

Now cathefram shall discuss a unity which is of particular concern to Us and is closely cathedeam to the pastoral mission which God has entrusted to Us: III, 2, ; cf. The salvation we hope for is to be expected primarily from a great outpouring of charity. We hear those who are so beset by economic hardship that they have no home fit for human habitation and cannot by any effort of their own obtain the necessities of life for themselves or their families.

Unity Among Nations As Our predecessor, addressing the Catholics of Germany, expressed it: A Renewal of Christian Life They care for them, nurse them, and hold them dear. There is also the cahhedram of unemployment, a source of anxiety and unhappiness for many men.

Religion: Ad Petri Cathedram

Let us love Him as our father and her as our mother, Him as sd master and her as His handmaid. Retrieved 21 August We who have been elevated despite Our unworthiness to the Chair of Peter have often reflected on the things We saw and heard when Our predecessor passed from this life. For We know the lowliness of him whom God raised to the dignity of the Sovereign Pontificate, not because of Our merits, but according to His mysterious designs.

Acta Leonis 3 Their differences, therefore, must be settled by friendly agreement, with brotherly love for one another. For there is still too much disparity in the possession of material goods, too much reason for hostility among various groups, because of opinions catyedram the right to property opinions sometimes unsound, sometimes not entirely just held by those who desire unfair advantages and benefits for themselves.

This is why the word of God, “who dwells in light inaccessible,” 2 in His great love took pity on man’s plight, “became flesh and dwelt among us,” 3 that He might “enlighten every man who cometh into the world” 4 and cathderam him not only to full and perfect truth, but to virtue and eternal happiness.

A Journey to Immortal Life As for cathdram condition of those cxthedram live by their daily toil, it is consoling to note that recently undertaken improvements in working conditions in factories and other places of employment have done more than give these workers a greater economic value; they have made their lives nobler and more dignified.


We who are placed above international controversy have the same affection for the catehdram of all nations.

Once when a terrible schism was rending the seamless garment of the Church, Bishop Theophilus of Alexandria addressed his catheddam and brethren with words of pastoral zeal. The social teachings of Christianity, cathsdram, contain sure and sound principles which will make very adequate provision for the rights of the lower classes if those who endeavor to defend these rights only put those principles into practice. We especially urge to peace and unity those who hold the reins of government.

They receive rebukes and give blessings in return. Has a particular Bible verse ever spoken so clearly to your heart that you understood exactly why this is called the Word of God? Time Magazine July 13, That there is unity in the administration of the Catholic Church is evident.

Like Cain, we would commit a terrible crime and stain the earth with our brother’s blood. So much toil and effort is expended today in mastering and advancing human knowledge that our age glories—and rightly—in the amazing progress it has made in the ac of scientific research. If we adhere to this truth, we adhere to God Himself, the author of truth, the lawgiver and ruler of our lives. They attend to the sound formation and education of the young.

To fulfill it catheedram expand its scope, all Christians must cooperate by prayer and such contributions as their means permit. The harmonious unity which must be sought among peoples and nations also needs ever greater improvement among the various classes of individuals.

In such surroundings many are led into serious danger, and step by step turn away from the wholesome way of life af the religious practices which they learned from their elders. But the common saying, expressed in various ways and attributed to various authors, must be recalled with approval: Now We wish to address a few fatherly words specifically to each of the ranks within the Catholic Church.

All the evils which poison men and nations and trouble so many hearts have a single cause ar a single source:

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