American Dream by Jason DeParle. Bill Clinton vowed to “end welfare as we know it” in Four years later, Congress translated a catchy slogan into a law . In this masterful work, New York Times reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Jason DeParle cuts between the mean streets of Milwaukee and the corridors. In this definitive work, two-time Pulitzer finalist Jason DeParle cuts between the mean streets of Milwaukee and the corridors of Washington to produce.

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I wrote about my experiences as an ADC worker then called simply “Aid to Dependent Children” and revisiting my old “zone” at my website theseekerbooks. The title should be at least 4 characters long. The story follows the lives of three cousins, all female, all unmarried, all with children ten kids all together; I lost track of how many different dads who move from Chicago to Milwaukee, WI because the welfare benefits were more generous.

Half of them without a high school diploma who left welfare for a job returned within a year, while half of the women with high school diplomas who left welfare for work returned within 2 years. I found the political sections kind of boring, but the descriptions and stories of the women really came to life and made up for amercan.

American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation’s Drive to End Welfare

Teens who have high educational expectations and school success are more likely to use contraception effectively. Buy the selected items together This item: Lubell, The increasing use of TANF and state matching funds to provide housing assistance to families moving from welfare to work.


Anyone interested in how welfare reform did or did not work, and deam related to poverty needs to read this book NOW!

DeParle carefully unveils depar,e complexities of poverty and renders a fair account of how many factors contribute to poverty and the goal should not to be to help people “get by,” but rather the goal should be to help people elevate themselves and their families, which welfare has failed to do as evidenced by the hard data.

New York City, under Dreamm Turner, forced people to attend a four-week job search program before coming on the rolls, and front-line workers made aggressive attempts to verbally dissuade people from applying. Clinton was not willing to go against those powerful lobbies.

Good comprehensive and accessible narrative non-fiction. See all 42 reviews.

Poverty and the American Dream

Answers were vague, but the W-2 experience gives clues, which square with Ehrenreich’s speculations. Many of the jobs that Turner set up were “transparently dull or dumb. It seemed unfathomable to me that so many people would voluntarily stop taking the checks once work became mandatory.

For instance, lack of health insurance was a big issue for these families. This book also reaffirms the fact that there are amerian quick fixes But there is a good chance you will not be caught.

American Dream

Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. American Dream has been reviewed by major newspapers across the country. But all of these people were powerless to turn back the tidal wave of reaction because there was no large voting constituency demanding to keep a safety net for low-income parents and their children.

Ehrenreich said that Electronic Benefit Transfer cards were one of the privatizers’ favorite innovations — and the theme of a World Research Ddeparle conference in April DeParle, for a job well done.


It hasn’t significantly made life better for people below the poverty line.

Award administrators called W-2 “one of the nation’s best examples of government performance. Republican governors campaigned for block grants, and Gingrich saw this as “the starting point for the block-grant revolution, with a hundred other programs to follow, from health care to housing.

For example, he describes India—with its multitude of languages, religions, and races—as a “homogeneous society” p. The author has been covering poverty in the U. The Courage to Hope.

American Dream by Jason DeParle | : Books

Forty percent of cities were unable to provide an adequate quantity of food and predicted an increase in requests in He had seen polls that made him believe that if he did not sign the bill he would lose the election to Bob Dole, and he signed the bill anyway. The Republican strategy was to expose Clinton as a hypocrite who wouldn’t deliver on welfare reform despite his rhetoric. As improbable as fiction, and equally fast-paced, this classic of literary journalism has captured the acclaim of the Left and Right.

DeParle doesn’t think that caretaking is work. Are there books like this about abortion, the death penalty, school vouchers, etc.?

What’s Race Got to Do with It? By the end of the book, the oldest daughter had 2 kids, so I guess that’s actually 15 kids in this clan. Leaving welfare, Angie puts her heart in her work.

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