The Bangor Dyslexia Test (BDT) is a short, easy-to-administer screener for use with a broad age range, which has been in use in the UK for. If one could clearly define dyslexia, assessment would be relatively easy. However, since dyslexia . outlined in the Bangor Dyslexia Test (Miles, ). Bangor. The Bangor Dyslexia Test (BDT) is a short, easy-to-administer screener for use with a broad age range, which has been in use in the UK for over three decades.

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WottonJun 26, Student X made errors at the 4 and 5 digit level.

In general the Bangor Dyslexia Test took the form it did because of the culture in which it originated, and it determines the form which dyslexia takes in that particular culture. The scoring therefore had to take account of this, with the result that three words not repeated accurately counted as ‘plus’ at age 10 and over, whereas at age 15 and over only two failures were needed.

Also some of the tests carried out don’t seem to be in line with the instructions on the test sheet we have dyslexua copy of. From an assessor’s point of view, the fact that dyslexia is a spectrum of difficulties which vary in severity from student to student makes assessing potentially open to individual interpretation.

The Bangor Dyslexia Test II – Bangor Dyslexia – Barnard Health Care

Get My Free Ebook. Is your child avoiding reading activities? Dyslexia can also mean having trouble getting thoughts down on paper and yet having no trouble at all with any other skilled aspect of life. In this particular case I decided that two errors in the Subtraction items should count as a ‘zero’ and three errors as a ‘plus’. You then have to submit a report which dgslexia scrutinized and comments made about your standards of assessing and then a decision is made about whether your reports meets the required standards and believe me the people doing this put the forum pedants to shame.

In what follows I have included a table which originally appeared in Miles a, p. At an early stage of the research it was essential to try the items out on children in an ordinary classroom. If we ddyslexia just find out the correct procedure for marking and scoring this test it would help us when we do approach the school.


I have never been willing to place emphasis on the precise number of positive indicators found on the Bangor Dyslexia Test by a given individual. Children of 8 years would normally recite 2x. In the case of the Left-Right items and the Subtraction items ‘special strategies’ were allowed for in the scoring, while the reciting of the harder tables 6x, 7x, and 8x dhslexia the confusing of ‘b’ and ‘d’ show up dyslexic limitations in spite of there having been opportunities for learning.

For children it is best dyselxia identify dyslexia as early as possible. Combining a clinical approach with a statistical testt was not always easy. The other thing to remember is that most assessors go into the area of dyslexia out of interest in the subject, rather than to make money. If there was a single hesitation, this was regarded as insignificant, but if there were two or three hesitations this was scored as a ‘zero’.

I have seen students in my college badly let down by the system although many haven’t so it is worth pursuing this so you tsst have a better idea of what it is exactly that is causing your son to struggle so much. I really miss our chats.

Student X attempted her 7x and 8x tables. I have just been looking at a copy of the Bangor test but I don’t tet the teacher’s manual as I have never used it – just copied the test for reference. My child is struggling at school and has been given the Bangor Dyslexia Test – at our request for some type of screening.

I would be really grateful if someone could please help me. A memory weakness of this kind is clearly an important diagnostic indicator. By continuing to use this site, bzngor are agreeing to our use of cookies. Try the questions on the “test yourself” section below.

Feel free to contact us for advice. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Responses Girmay What is a positive indicator on the bangor dyslexia test? When totting up the number of dyslexic indicators, I decided to score a ‘zero’ response as half a ‘plus’, which meant that two ‘zeros’ were equivalent to one ‘plus’.


Bangor Dyslexia Test

Is there dyslexia in your family? With regard to the second point, I have come to realise that dyslexia is a disjunctive concept – it can show itself by either this manifestation or that, or rather by specified manifestations in a given case as it might be, manifestations a, b, d, f and h, and in another case by manifestations b, c, d, f and k.

I suggested in the last chapter that clinical judgements were based on the use of a combination of cues, sometimes small ones, which required to be pieced together. It is possible that in the early stages of the research I missed their significance. Bangor Dyslexia Test Discussion in ‘ Special educational needs ‘ started by amysJun 25, Not all the manifestations will be present in any one individual, and there exist many opportunities other than those supplied by the Bangor Dyslexia Test for individuals to manifest their dyslexia note 8.

Don’t forget to look at the how to guide. As a result of a shortage of resources it was possible to make comparisons only on seven out of the 10 items in the Bangor Dyslexia Test – checking school books for ‘b’-‘d’ confusion and arranging to meet families to discover about familial incidence would have been very time-consuming, and, as a time saver, the Digits Forwards subtest was omitted.

Thanks moonpenny, We are thinking of having him privately assessed, however we would like the full and correct picture before we went down that route. This was why I had to take note of small signs such as hesitations and requests for the question to be repeated. Had this result not been obtained, my whole enterprise would have been broken-backed.

The basic requirement was to achieve the fewest possible number of false positives non-dyslexics who came out as dyslexic and false negatives those who were dyslexic but were not picked up by the test. Hi all, I’ve joined this forum as a last resort to obtain some much needed info.

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