vii CONTENTS Translator’s Introduction 1 An Aesthetic of Reality: Cinematic Realism and the Italian School of the Liberation 1 6 La Terra Trema 41 Bicycle Thief. 4/6 am. “Bicycle Thieves” and “Killer of Sheep” are both neorealist films that portray real life at a certain place in time. Neither film is. Bicycle Thieves is often considered one of the masterpieces of Italian neorealism, and Bazin refers to De Sica often when defining cinematic.

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If so, why are the affairs so burdened with anxiety and even terror? Facts for their own sake had not yet acquired that kind of ontological autonomy, which makes of them a succession of sealed off monads, strictly limited by their appearance.

American films are being made in Italy today but never has the Italian film been at the same time more typically Italian, The body of references I have adopted has excluded similarities even less disputable, for example the Italian “tale,” the commedia dell’arte and the technique of the fresco. He taught me to write about the cinema, corrected and publkhed my first articles, and helped me to become a director.

It usually consists of one Christian Democrat and one Communist just as in the film there is a Marxist and a priest ; the third screenwriter has a reputa- tion for story construction; the fourth is a gag man; the fifth because he is a good dialogue writer; the sixth because he has a fine feeling for life.

It bazkn be unjust and untrue to see such an assessment as the final measure of this particular technique.

The Bicycle Thieves: Film with profound influence

Already we were beginning to look toward England whose recent cinematic rebirth is likewise, in part, the fruit of realism; that of the school of documen- tarists who, before and during the war, had gone bicyclle into the resources offered by social and technical realities.

It now remains for me to thank all those to whom I had recourse with problems of translation. What is the relationship between melodrama and realism in the film? Thirf like Vittorio De Thiff who made the admirable Sciuscia were always concerned to turn out human and sensitive comedies full of realism, among them, inI Bambini ci guardano. When he arrived at an editorial meeting its tone would change and the subject under discussion take on a different shape.


The Bicycle Thieves: Film with profound influence – The Economic Times

Even with such a succinct description, this fragment of the story re- veals enormous ellipses — or rather, great holes. What indeed could put more cleariy his values, which St. Francis of Assisi possessed of a kind of goodness at once comical and touching.

For let me biccyle make a confession: The two most significant events in this evolution in the history of the cinema since are Citizen Kane and Paisa. Today, when the thunder of the charging elephants of Scipio is only a distant rumble, we can the better lend an ear to the discreet but delightful sounds made by Quattro passi fra le nuvole.

But this thesis is biycle stated as such, it is just that events are so linked together that they have the appearance of a formal truth while retaining an anec- dotal quality. This shows how much subtlety of expression can be got on ex- teriors from a camera in the hands of the man who photographed Paisa.

De Sica limits himself to showing that the workman cannot find his bicycle and that as a result he doubtless will be unemployed agam. What strategies does Chaplin use to introduce sound in Modern Times? There was no such element of relief, if that is the right word to use, in the saga of the old man who, swallowing his pride and dignity, is compelled to fall back on varied tricks to save himself from going under.

To condemn it does not of necessity mean to be in bad faith. It may happen that one’s foot hesitates between two rocks, or that one misses one’s footing and slips. NIFTY 50 10, 2. This fallacy is the basis for Baztn’s phobia about montage.


Full text of “Bazin Andre – What Is Cinema Volume 2”

These are in bzain sense the centrifugal properties of die images — those which make the narrative possible. When the amalgamation comes off — but experience shows that it will not unless some “moral” require- ments are met in the script — the result is precisely that extraordinary feeling of truth that one gets from the current Italian films.

The cruel, the truly desoiatljig, the profoundly sad fact is that he is dead. In the world of cinema, it is not necessary that everyone approve every film, provided that what prompts the public’s incomprehension can be compensated for by the other things.

Soviet cinema and the fantasy of no limits. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve.

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Such a film will always be specifically only slightly removed from a social document. Think about the visual style of the film. He is just no longer in control of his art.

Paisa stands somewhere between the two but closer to Farrebique for its images, while the realistic aesthetic works it way into the film between the component blocs of reality through its peculiar con- ception of narrative. I am prepared to see the fundamental humanism of the current Italian fihns as their chief merit. However, if a method so beneficent to the art of the cinema has only been employed here and there, it is because unfortunately it contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

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