The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztouch, a “iPhone, iPad, Android app builder Aug 07, 18 · Mobile Zone · Tutorial.

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That put it in my Studio project. Cheers Darrel Comments Thank you my good man! Lots of you have been asking how to do this, so I figured I’d nail it down and make a video.

No iOS only plugins! It’ll keep you busy. Making Embedded Maps This set of tutorials describes the steps you need to take to embed maps in your iOS project. Feb 13, Palm Springs, C Tuotrial was tired and this is way too long. Comments Hi Tyrone, Yeah, it’s kinda weird in Studio.

Best Buzztouch Videos |

Posting a Device’s Current Location to a Database This guide details the necessary steps to gather information about the devices location, log them to a backend bjzztouch, then output the results on a map. Comments Thank you Mark! Getting Started With Buzztouch Version 2. That would be helpful for debug. It is easier than you think!


An Overview of buzztouch, A Mobile App CMS for Non-Programmers

Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. QR Code Buzztouch Buzztouch. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Deleting A buzztouch v2. So the app owner doesn’t need to recompile and update the app through the App Store or the Android Market in order to make content changes. P12 certificate file you exported using KeyChain Access on your Mac to a. On the whole, so much better. If the mobile device doesn’t have a network connection, then the cached content is used.

Buzztouch troubleshooting Buzztouch troubleshooting.

Feb 26, Raleigh, NC 5, Sandeep Intercepting Menu Taps This document is an attempt to help you understand how a menu-tap is processed so you can perform custom actions in some situations. I just setup a few projects in Android Studio and won’t be going back auto loading imports tytorial just awesome.

Celebrate when it finishes! Comments Sorry for the double posting.

The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztoucha “iPhone, iPad, Android tutorail builder and content management system. Keep in mind that it makes a copy of your project and stores it, by default, in the AndroidStudioProject folders.


Buzztuoch Tutorials 16 http: Buzztouch Tutorials 19 http: From any app buuzztouch the device, a tap on the custom URL myApp: If you haven’t, do so now. Comments I haven’t tried using it with Studio yet. There are components for pulling in remote content such as web pages, YouTube pages, streaming audio and video files, and RSS feeds.

Is there anything that shows up in LogCat when you try to load the screen? Things You Will Buzzfouch to Know Before Creating Apps Follow this guide to understanding all the necessary tools and parts and software you’ll need to make apps, it’s invaluable for aspiring devs. RonBo buzztouch Evangelist Posts: I am using the location maps plugin. Create a debug keystore if you don’t already have one. Jun 07, Denver 21,

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