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The list of recommendations contains tools and services from the areas communication, project management, and software development to help practitioners initiate a sustainable software development process. September Great article, Niels! And nobody really needs that kind of bridge at all. Der Lebensmittelhersteller Felix Austria hat erkannt: The output of your organisation semck three main dimensions P, S and E; P, physical products. It also helps everyone to understand their role within it.

No one will ever build a bridge there. Any idea how to overcome that? Software Development in Distributed Teams: Only once we change the system away from command-and-control, people can develop intelligently aligned behavior patterns, such as those associated with self-organization, empowerment and entrepreneurial responsibility.

What a contrast to the almost daily squabbles between the UAW, line workers and managers that I witnessed at another automaker. Until they change, we cannot change anything! September Hans-Juergen, I think your conclusion about best practice conferences is spot-on. Also to get systsm to your question.

See how you just killed the possibility of change? Thanks for your feedback, Cecil! This thesis deals with the question of which key factors and critical areas in teams for distributed software development are crucial for the success of the teamwork. The future of work is already here. For a long time, this seemed to be a contradiction to me. Nothing could be more inappropriate in the case of Toyota. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


The traditional organisational structure has the directors at the apex of the pyramid, with everyone else beneath them.

CollageMania – Das Semco System / Episode 7

In the theoretical part, theories and models explaining the dynamics Trying the new thing a little is a topic I recently wrote another blog article about. Today, the knowledge economy favours Theory Y.

Many other authors and experts have done similar stuff. The good thing is that there are many answers to that. It describes in sstem all relevant measures and rules that have been implemented at Semco over more than two decades.

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

To move from theory X to theory Y we must change management mind set. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

How are other persons? Seeing it, but doing nothing about it. I think you are completely right about the mistake of blaming Frederick Taylor for things he did not do or did not even remotely intend.

CollageMania – Das Semco System / Episode 7 | Experimentelle… | Flickr

I come with a different philosophy where everything contrary is true. Only one thing I would syshem with is blaming Fredrick Taylor for a lot of our ills. Julian Wilson am This must give them; what they want, when they want it, in the quantity they want.


Or as they say in the US: Bruno Baketaric am 8. September Hi Patrick. The empirical part consists of a qualitative case study. In the theoretical part, theories and models explaining the dynamics of group cas as well as the effects of geographic dispersion on the software development process are discussed.

I appreciate your comment. So even is culturally aware Theory Y organizations, you need some Theory X management to sustain that culture and belief!

Thanks for this enlightening article.

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

But then, we flip this into from inside to outside. Managers may neither lack the courage to transform, nor are they likely to be all scared about the sysrem control, or the unknown. The challenge is exactly the same with 20 or Skip to main content.

I have documented, analyzed and put into context their unique characteristics.

Two fundamental goals drove the collection of the data and the subsequent data analysis for this thesis.

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