DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans has ratings and 51 reviews. John said: Say what you will about Jesse The Body Ventura — and many people will, describi. Listen to DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government audiobook by Dick Russell, Jesse Ventura. Stream and download audiobooks to . Buy DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government at Staples’ low price, or read our customer reviews to learn more now.

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While this book doesn’t really offer gxngs surprises yes, Jesse dislikes the two-party system, nothing new here it does provide an interesting and well-researched he Say what you will about Jesse “The Body” Ventura — and many people will, describing the former Minnesota Guv as a rebloodliicans — but he has a way of describing a cluttered, corrupt system in a simplistic, libertarian POV.

We are in big trouble, just a matter of when. Over and over and over again we allow officials with clear conflict of interests to pass bills and laws for us.

The book is filled with enough information to make anyone angry. No More Governmment in Government” he describes his views on the current political system and the corruption in all aspects of the “american system”. Boyfriend showed me the cover of this book as he was working in the library. Exposing the ineptitude and gang-like mentalities of both parties, Ventura advocates the replacement of the two-party system with a no-party system based on the ideals govsrnment our Founding Fathers.

But the truth is the truth, and “the truth will set you free”. Don’t judge a book by its cover; don’t judge people by their looks!

Ventura had taken too many pile-drives to the head. The narrator’s voice slips in and out of a southern drawl and it drove me up the Boyfriend showed me the cover of this book as he was working in the library.

Easy reading, well researched, not too heavy on the conspiracy stuff, and a great case for third parties, for rejecting the binary system we’re accustomed to. He constantly hammers both political parties, to eliminate bias because he is an independent, and constantly states facts they are cited, so you can fact check him.


DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Our understanding of this should not stop at what we were told in elementary school.

InJames George Janos, later known as Jess Jesse Ventura is an American politician, actor, author, veteran, and former professional wrestler who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from to No trivia or quizzes yet. If you want to be a humorist which I have to assume Ventura is partia Ventura spotlights some important issues in this book.

Books by Jesse Ventura. It’s disheartening, in a way, to really see all this corruption in our politics. Ventura is a strange seed. That said, the last chapters are a long endorsement of Ron Paul, so there’s that tinge of naive libertarianism.

As election time rolls around, this is most certainly the book that should be looked at for reforming our electoral system. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, thought — and religion. Navy and spent time in the Vietnam War. However he neglects to let you know that the OWS movement was also being funded by the democript’s “shot caller” To use his gangster analogy George Soro’s I agree with a lot of what he said. With that said, I am opposed to crony-capitalism and companies and “CEOs” getting rich by stealing from the public.

I liked how he took on the FCC and would also have liked to have read more about his thoughts on that impotent department. Pray all you want! He has historically claimed his Libertarian beliefs yet this book has many inconsistencies when compared to the “Libertarian” platform. He seems to be a far left leaning Libertarian and supports massive regulation over free market, however he seems level-headed enough save the conspiracy stuff and has enough common-ground to be able to work with to get true change.

Aug 24, Erwin rated it liked it Shelves: It’s always been a voice I’ve found refreshing, even when he was railing against the machine back in his WWF days. I definitely enjoyed this book. Just like civilians who get caught in the crossfire are just collateral damage to the street gangs. Jesse makes some good points, but he sucks Ron Paul’s dick so much towards the end of the book that it made me roll my eyes.


DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government | Highbrow Magazine

Skip to main content. Rosario read this one his 4th Jesse Ventura book and thought it was great.

He had a long tenure in the World Wrestling Federation, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in This was a very interesting book and needless to say, this should be required reading. Here are just a few to get you started: They are American citizens too ” p. The footnotes, notes at the end of each chapter, are easily accesible from websites listed. Before he was elected the governor of Minnesota inhe was a professional wrestler, and before that, a Navy SEAL-turned-member of an outlaw motorcycle club in San Diego.

Using historical details, such as the devel Learn why the two-party system is fundamentally corrupt and how a no-party system could save American democracy. One thing this book does well is show that our government is a total racket, no matter how you look a I definitely enjoyed this book.

It is ludicrous to think that we truly have a free press. The only problem I have with this book is it’s very lean on solutions. He democriips wrestling professionally in the mids and changed his name to the one that made him famous, Jesse ” The Body ” Ventura. The only problem I have with it is Ventura’s strong push for Ron Paul.

This is written a bit bombastically, but it’s designed to get people fired up and taking action.

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