Dennettia tripetala G. Baker (Annonaceae), or pepper fruit tree, is a well-known Nigerian spicy medicinal plant. The mineral, vitamin and nutrient composition of. Here are the 18 wondrous benefits of pepper fruit Dennettia tripetala you definitely need to know. Study shows that this fruit is good for us. Abstract. The study revealed the safety of Dennettia tripetala seed on man and the environment. Adult male rats weighing – kg.

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Bovine serum albumin was used as the standard protein and the total protein was subsequently calculated using the formula:. References Publications referenced by this paper. According to Okwu and MorahDennettia tripetala fruits can serve as food and herbs for producing herbal medicines.

However, many people are unaware of the wondrous things they stand to gain from eating this fruit. Haemorrhage indicated by long arrow and vein congestion indicated by short arrow in the kidney of rats fed: Anti-viral Properties Pepper fruit is effective for fighting against viruses such as cold, cough and fever.

From the findings of the study, the use of D. You can’t afford to miss it.


Lastly, another benefit derived from eating pepper fruit is that it has anti-ulcer properties due to its composition of ethanol. Dangers of high blood pressure during pregnancy. The important nutritive substances of D. Evaluation of hypoglycemic and toxicological effects of leaf extracts of Morinda lucida in hyperglycemic albino rats.

Bioactive compounds in banana fruits and their health benefits. It is a pungent, pepperish, spicy medicinal plant that is characterised by greenish appearance, when unripe, but tends to be reddish or pinkish in colour when ripe.


The increase in body weight in rats fed standard basal diet group I and in rats fed standard basal diet plus D. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, tripetaa education by publishing worldwide.

They were properly maintained in the laboratory at ambient temperature Some communities in southern Nigeria reportedly utilize the leaves, roots, and fruits for medicinal purpose Iwu, ; Ikpi and Nku, Pepper fruit has three green broad sepals and fleshy petals that are yellow in colour.

Wilczek resistance to bruchids, Callosobruchus spp. Email alerts New issue alert.

Comparatively, the study concludes that the botanical insecticide, Tripetalw. The method has the merit of preserving the relations of cells and tissues to one another. The serum total protein evaluated in this study is a useful dennethia of impairment of the functional capacity of the liver and kidney Odeyemi et al. Minimizes Cancer Risk Pepper fruit is an excellent source of flavonoids, which have been proven effective for reducing the onset of cancer attacks Graf et al.

Interestingly, previous studies have shown insecticidal activity of D. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.

Moreover, the antimicrobial, anti-oxidizing, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties of both the fruits and leaves of the pepper fruit are known to exhibit high pharmacological effects. Due to its antiemetic nature, pepper fruit can be used for treating motion sickness and for preventing the side effects of anaesthetics, opioid analgesics and cancer chemotherapy.

The fruits, leaves, roots and barks of the Dennettia tripetala plant are distinguished by their strong pungent, spicy and pepperish taste, fragrance and aroma. The concentration of serum creatinine decreased with increasing dose of D. Mechanisms and sources of resistance in tropical maize inbred lines to Chilo partellus stem borers.


Detection of the adulteration of extra virgin olive oil by near-infrared spectroscopy and chemometric techniques. The non-significant effect of ALT in rats fed standard basal diet or standard basal diet plus D.

This is corroborated by Odeyemi et al.

Health Benefits of Pepper fruit (Dennettia tripetala) | The Point

The spectrophotometer was set at zero at nm with distilled water. According to these researchers, this anti-ulcer effect of pepper fruit tripetal be attributed to its flavonoid content.

Diabetes Mellitus Coughing Fever. Air-dried samples of D. They were acclimatized for 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the experiments Saganuwan, Evaluation of selected parameters of rat liver and kidney function following repeated administration of yohimbine.

This is not always the case Odeyemi et al. The square root of product of geometric mean of the last survived dose and mortality-causing dose was used to estimate the LD Toxicological and histopathological evaluations of leaf extract of Paullinia pinnata L.

Food, 8 3pp. Activity of essential oil and phenolic acid extracts of pepperfruit Dennetia tripetala G. Although alanine aminotransferse increased with increasing dose of D. The acute toxicity study showed that the methanolic extract of D. One thousand microlitres of deionized water were added to the mixture and the absorbance of sample and the standard were measured against the reagent blank.

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