STANDARDS FOR EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS All electrical installations shall comply with the requirements of the Regulations. Relevant DEWA’s. DEWA’s requirements for electric installations in order to safeguard persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. DUBAI, 23rd April, (WAM)– Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, DEWA, has issued its Regulations for Electrical Installations

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What are the main companies involved in electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply? All equipment, apparatus, materials and accessories used in the electrical installations shall be designed and rated for operation on this electric supply.

Dewa LV switchgear regulations – Dorman Smith Academy

However, as most companies are either wholly or majority owned by the Federal Government or the individual emirates Governments, foreign participation is generally not possible. We have extensive knowledge of electrical systems ranging from electrical supply and installations, servicing and fault finding with eleftrical experience in Industrial, domestic and commercial sectors including office fit-outs, factories, schools, retail premises, restaurants, clinics, Showroom, Warehouse, villas, etc.

The ENG is owned by each emirate as follows:. For lifts and similar applications rubber insulated or PVC insulated flexible cables complying with BS shall be used. The first testing and inspection by DEWA may be free of charge. Clean coal and solar power by The Bureau also reviewed all incident reports and, where necessary, worked with the network companies to improve future performance. Adequate, consistent with the minimum fault rating specified under IV-4 Adequate No. An over current resulting from a fault of negligible impendence between live conductors having a difference in potential under normal operating conditions.

Motors and control gear shall be in well operation, inspection and maintenance. In the UAE, private companies do not supply electricity directly to end users. We welcome the opportunity to align ourselves with like-minded contractors.

Any company wishing to undertake regulated activities in the electricity sector in the UAE must obtain a licence from the regulatory authority of the relevant emirate. Additionally, Dubai is studying plans to start using: Noor 1, a MW PV array is also under construction.


What are the authorisation and the main ongoing requirements to operate electricity distribution systems? A current, which flows to earth, or to extraneous conductive parts in a circuit, which is electrically sound. Ts shall be located on the bus bar of each phase to enable easy maintenance and replacement of C. For Motor load, type? Each distribution board shall incorporate means for isolation of mains supply in the form of either circuit breaker or incomer isolator as applicable.

The transmission market is a state monopoly. How is electricity trading between generators and suppliers regulated? Where single core insulated cables are installed in surface mounted metal or PVC trunking, the space factor shall normally not exceed 40 percent. Exclusive Accuracy class 0. What are the authorisation requirements to construct electricity generation plants?

Consumer Electricity tariffs vary in each emirate, and are different for UAE nationals and foreign nationals. Similarly, in Dubai, the Dubai Municipality oversees safety, environment and health regulations.

What are the authorisation and the main ongoing requirements to supply electricity to end consumers? Suitable expansion couplers shall be provided in all trunking and conduit runs at the expansion joints in the building structure and regular intervals in all runs exceeding 7 meters in length or as recommended by the manufacturer.

DEWA Circulars

F correction shall be provided with installatinos for its prompt automatic discharge when the capacitor is disconnected from the source of supply. In case of contradiction, DEWA? Sea level coastal 48? A device provided with female contacts, which is intended to be installed with the fixed wiring, and intended to receive a plug. What requirements are there concerning connection of generation to the transmission grid? F regulator, indicating instruments, contactors of capacitors switching dutycontrol switches, etc shall be designed and rated for operation on the electric supply and ambient conditions specified in clause 1.

Installatjons the responsible authorities in each emirate continue to use natural gas as the main source of electricity generation, but are looking for instalations underground storage options to ensure supply during peak summer demands. Where a difficult cor special situation arises which is not covered or allowed for in the Regulations, the DEWA may be sought to obtain specific advice.


The safety and emergency light fittings installed shall comply with BS and shall be rated for a period not less than 3 hours continuous operation. The ratio expressed as a percentage of the sum of the effective overall cross-sectional area cables forming a bunch to the internal cross-sectional area of the conduit, pipe, duct, trunking or channel in which they are installed.

The relevant state-owned entities are subject to several Environment Codes when operating electricity transmission networks. The remainder of the revenue is paid to the electircal companies through governmental subsidies. Cable trunking may be used for housing single core PVC cables at regklations situations, where installation of conduits is difficult due to space limitations.

The FEWA is responsible for the supply of electricity in the northern emirates.

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All electric motors shall be adequately protected against overload, short circuit, earth leakage and additionally against loss of one or more phases, voltage fluctuation, etc. The final connection to the heaters shall be made from a flex outlet plate mounted adjacent to the heater.

All flexible cords, switches, fuses, plugs and socket outlets are in good serviceable condition except as noted below, specify under Para- Electricity generation and renewable energy Sources of electricity generation.

Requirements for Electrical Installations. A minimum of W shall be considered for each normal lighting and fan points. When motor starting gear is energized from an auxiliary circuit, the circuit shall also be isolated during maintenance. The UAE generates regulatoins of its electricity billion kilowatt-hours in using natural gas-fired generation.

Refer to section 4, for regulations.

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