Snuff. The 39th Discworld novel sees Sam Vimes investigating a countryhouse murder, and is Terry Pratchett’s fiftieth book. Snuff is the 39th novel by Terry Pratchett in the Discworld series after I Shall Wear Midnight. It went on sale on Thursday 13th October and was the. Snuff (Discworld) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At long last, Lady Sybil has lured her husband, Sam Vimes, on a .

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Snuff Discworld 39 by Terry Pratchett. View all 8 comments. It’s true that the pacing is a little slow in the beginning and towards the end. I think Pratchett has overmined the seam of ‘oppressed species shows that they are as human as siscworld or I’.


This page was last edited on 20 Juneat Snyff goblins follow the religion of “Unggue”, which exhorts them to collect various bodily excretions — snot, ear wax, toenail clippings — for which they make exquisitely designed containers, “unggue pots” of various materials and shapes.

I hope the Alzheimer disorder does not worsen and deteriorate the quality, like Agatha Christie’s work suffered by her last. Discworld 39th novel — 8th City Watch story. Dec 24, Sam Quixote dicworld it it was ok. But, having recently read an excellent Discworld short story reminding me of my love for Terry Pratchett, as well as seasonal nostalgia new Discworld books used to be cannily published during the Christmas seasonI decided to give Snuff another shot and this time force myself I bought Snuff when it first came out innot realising then, like everyone else, that it was going to be the final City Watch book.

Gaspode the talking dog performs well in this one, with a few City Watch members showing up briefly. Jan 13, An Odd1 rated it it was ok. It’s hardly addictive, is it?

The Fifth Elephant Review of the 6th book: This, of course, is only a minor thing but it did annoy me greatly. It is unabashedly one of the darker Discworld books.

Snuff (Discworld, #39; City Watch #8) by Terry Pratchett

An enjoyable enough read, but not without it’s problems: Discworld, goblins, crime, comedy Snuff reminded me of Thud! Sam VimesFeeney UpshotWillikins. There are unspoken parts of the book that make me squirm. View all 15 discwrld.


Retrieved 4 November Shortly after finishing this book, I took a nap, and as I drifted off I had the thought that if I ever met Sir Terry, I very probably would fall to my knees and start crying and other things that would embarrass us both. After a short time of enjoying his holiday, he discovers that the rural community has a dark past with the resident goblins, humanoid lifeforms that live in caves nearby.

Feet of Clay Review of the 4th book: Vimes and Upshot hear that more goblins ddiscworld been taken and are now currently on their way to the plantation by river on the paddleboat The Wonderful Fanny. Perhaps my favorite part of this book, though, was that unlike every book Sir Terry has published since his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, it didn’t feel like a goodbye.

It didn’t grab me the same way Discworld books normally do. He also finds out that three years ago, large numbers of goblins were taken from their caves to work at the plantation. According to the writer discworlf the best selling crime novel ever to have been published in the city of Ankh-Morpork, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a policeman taking a holiday would barely have had time to open his suitcase before he finds his first corpse.

Book:Snuff – Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki

I will dearly miss those scenes, especially as Pratchett wrote the Patrician so, so beautifully with that perfect balance between lethally understated menace, benevolent power and razor-sharp intelligence manifested in one remarkably unique mysterious discworlc Machiavellian figure.

Indeed, he peruses it with relentless enthusiasm that drives his wife mad. It also means arbitrary and unpleasant deaths, as in snuff movies. Not to mention, that the Carrot x Angua sandwich is hinting at more sbuff to come, and this is the last book in the City Watch series!!!

Snuf are always things rustling through the undergrowth, you can never be sure that someone isn’t hiding behind that hedge, and there are no streets.

I can’t pretend this book was perfect, though. Lady Sybil has decided that Young Sam, now an inquisitive six-year-old, needs some fresh country air and healthy outdoor recreation at Ramkin Hall, the family’s country estate. However, he has no jurisdictionno body, and no clues. Pratchett himself for several books appeared to be hostile to vampires — but then he has a natural tendency to imagine creatures intricately and charitably, so he discword us Mr Otto von Chriek, a photographer who has taken the “black ribbon” vow of teetotalism and has to be reconstituted with drops of blood every time he explodes himself with his camera flash.


In other languages Deutsch. I’ve been reading Pratchett’s work when I was eight years old and was first given a copy of Witches Abroadand have long loved them for how smart they are; for the layers of meaning and historical allusions and the carefully crafted, intricate plots that were always, at their core, about what it is to be human.

Even now, after several ” oooh “, ” I see ” and ” that’s actually clever! Pratchett emphasised that the word ‘snuff’ has “at least two meanings”. I did like the protagonist when I began reading, but towards the end I well and truly had had enough of him.

May 16, Richard rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s melodic, how Sam and Sybil work in harmony, with the ever-resourceful Willikins adding percussion. Oct 14, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: In Snuff it is the goblins who are the centre of attention: Yet he delivered another outstanding book and another one featuring this unique protagonist.

Vimes is too powerful, too famous, and just too glorious.

Lord Rust then approaches Vimes and tells him that he won’t find any crimes in the country, also warning him that he has no jurisdiction outside of Ankh-Morpork. The character holds a special place in my heart having seen him transform over the years from the opening pages of Guards! Where, siscworld you sto It is a fortunate life, one discworpd you grew up with Terry Pratchett as one of your fathers.

Vimes is still not comfortable with his status as the estate owner, and it is obvious that the local blacksmith isn’t either.

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