EC COMPUTER NETWORKS ANNA UNIVERSITY PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS. Download ECcomputer networks question bank B.E electronics and communication engineering regulation. computer networks. PART-A(10 × 2 = 20). (Answer all the Questions). 1. Define a computer network. 2 . What is the similarity between transport layer and data link layer? 3. Define.

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Noise, Signal detection, Hearing and speech Noise, spectrum level and band level — combing band levels and tones — detecting signals in noise — detection threshold — the ear — fundamental properties of hearing — loudness level and loudness — pitch and frequency compiter voice.

This also covers small propagation effects such as fading, time delay spread and Doppler spread and describes how to measures and model the impact that compuuter bandwidth and motion have on the instantaneous received signal through the multi-path channel. This also demonstrates the principle of trunking efficiency and how trunking and interference issues between mobile and base stations combine to affect the overall capacity of cellular systems.

Intergration of adhoc with Mobile IP networks. To familiarize students with different rhetorical functions of scientific English. Application specific integrated circuits, Pearson Education, 4.

Dubrin, ‘Essentials of Management’, Thomson Southwestern, 7th edition, Ban, of water of crystallization of a crystalline salt Copper sulphate 7. Load test on single phase transformer and open circuit and short circuit test on single phase transformer Regulation of three phase alternator by EMF and MMF methods. Determination of bias resistance to locate Q-point at center of load line.

EC Computer Networks MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

Carr and John M. Detailsfunctions of vertical pulse train- Scanning sequence details.


V-block, Base of a mixie, Simple stool, Objects with hole and curves. To introduce a mathematical model for the analysis of telecommunication traffic. Design and implementation of Adder and Subtractor using logic gates. Microwave junctions Tee junctions -Magic Tee – Rat race – Corners – bends and twists – Directional couplers two hole directional couplers- Ferrites – important microwave properties and applications — Termination – Gyrator- Isolator-Circulator – Attenuator – Phase changer — S Matrix for microwave components — Cylindrical cavity resonators.

Hartley, Peter, Group Communication, Questuon Implementation and study of stop and wait protocol 4. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 3.

Conduct metric titration Simple acid base 2. He should also be able to write the dynamic equilibrium equation. Comparison with calculated values. Dynamic time warping, K-means clusering and Vector quantization, Gaussian mixture modeling, hidden Markov modeling – Automatic Speech Recognition: Noise, Signal detection, Hearing and speech Noise, spectrum level and band level — combing band levels and tones — detecting signals in noise clmputer detection threshold — the ear — fundamental properties of hearing — loudness level and loudness — pitch and frequency — voice.

DC motor Interfacing card 3 Nos. Speaking exercises involving the use of stress and intonation — Group discussions— analysis of problems and offering solutions. Further, he should cimputer the principle of work and energy. Collector coupled and Emitter coupled Astable multivibrator – Monostable multivibrator – Bistable multivibrators – Triggering methods for Bistable multivibrators Schmitt trigger circuit.

Face to Face Conversation — Telephone conversation — Role play activities Students take on roles and engage in conversation B.


Chapters 5 — 8. When huge amounts of experimental data are involved, the methods discussed on interpolation will be useful in constructing approximate polynomial to represent the data and to find the intermediate values. Detailsfunctions of vertical pulse train- Scanning sequence computrr. Quantum transport devices based on resonant tunneling: Stepper motor Interfacing card 3 Nos.


Optical Fiber Communication — John M.

PLL characteristics and its use as Frequency Multiplier. To introduce the concept of measurement and the related instrumentation requirement as a vital ingredient of electronics and communication engineering.

Digital Loop Carrier Systems: Implementation and study of Goback-N and selective repeat protocols 5. Power Electronics, TMH, To introduce the properties of hearing and speech To describe the architecture and environmental inclusive of reverberation and noise. S to different applications. Global positioning system — an introduction. Principle of vapour compression and absorption system — Layout of typical domestic refrigerator — Window and Split type room Air conditioner.

Application specific integrated circuits, Pearson Education, 4. Rewriting exercises using numerical adjectives. Issues and possible solutions — climate change, global warming, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, nuclear accidents and holocaust, case studies. Observation of the output waveform with crossover Distortion.

Phase shift and Wien bridge oscillators using op-amp.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Inverting, Non inverting and Differential amplifiers. Torsional pendulum — Determination of rigidity modulus.

PIN Photo detectors, Avalanche photo diodes, construction, characteristics and properties, Comparison of performance, Photo detector noise -Noise sourcesCommputer to Noise ratioDetector response time. Issues in desiging- Transport layer classification, adhoc transport protocols.

Noise performance of various receivers and information theory with source coding theorem are also dealt.

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