Socal Studies, Hindi English, India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Allahabad, Kolkata, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Story of Ekalavya Near his house, under a tree Eklavya installed a clay idol of Dronacharya that he worshiped as his Guru!. The story of Eklavya and Guru Dronacharya from Mahabharata is recounted as an example of a loyalty and dedication. Read the complete story. Do you want to teach your kids about the stories of gurus and disciples? If yes, then the story of Eklavya is the perfect choice!.

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Also remember the following rules of engagement. He attributed his success to his Guru Dronacharya. Try to find out, which topics give you a high. Eklavya knew what was bothering his father. He was moved and grieved at his own action.

During the attack, he was killed by Krishna and envlish his army was knocked out by Balarama and his army was forced ztory flee the battle who were later defeated by Karna as all his major allies were killed off. Eklavya was stunned at Arjuna’s behaviour. I really thanks for this story I like thanks a lot of you really I thanks you.

Try to observe your feelings while you are studying. Eklavya was overwhelmed to see Dronacharya had accepted him as his disciple! Sushma Begum May 4, – 2: But he was content that his promise to Arjuna was not broken. But despite his handicap, Eklavya continued to practice archery.

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He continued, ” Father, I know that we belong to the hunting tribe, but I want to be a warrior, father, not a mere hunter. Back to Mythology Main. Rank yourself among the best and aspire to surpass the best.

All the animals were scared How dare you expect to be taught by him! You are commenting using your WordPress. However, if the earlier work was of poor quality, you might need to start afresh. Who is your Guru?

Mytholgical Story : Eklavya

Ranjeet Kumar June 16, – Such was his personal character!! He was offered as the son to Vyatraj Hiranyadhanus by Sulekha and possessed powers given by Bhumi devi. Make sure that all the project related communication is through the blog for the benefit of future students. Ekalavya quietly led him to the statue. As they were busy practicing, they suddenly chanced upon the ekpavya dog, and wonder who could have pulled off such a feat of archery. Ekalavya Award is awarded by Government of Karnataka for the eklava performance in sports.

However, I would definitely love to highlight and publicize good pieces of work. Ekalavya’s famous and chaste wife Dewi Anggraini was always faithful to Phalgunadi, even after his death and despite Arjuna’s proposals of marriage. Read more Stories from Mythology here. The students learned from the guru and also helped the guru in his day-to-day life, including the carrying out of mundane chores such as washing clothes, cooking, etc. Arjuna was angry, as he was sure of his place as the enlgish archer in the world.


Gods in the heaven silently praised the greatness of Eklavya’s sacrifice.

I cannot teach a Shudra boy. In time faith, courage and perseverance transformed Eklavya the mere tribal hunter into Eklavya the extraordinary archer.

He carved a statue of Drona on a tree trunk in the forest and started practising in front of it. When we talk of about Eklavya, no one else can ever take his place.

The Story of Eklavya

Everyone was shocked, even Arjuna. Having said this much, let us now return to Eklavya. The innocent tribal boy was deeply hurt by Drona’s refusal to teach him. How dare you come inside the Gurukul and seek him?

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How can I be your Guru? The trees and atmosphere around stood still for a minute! Ask me anything and I will offer it to you as my guru dhakshina “he said.

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