El clan del oso cavernario [Jean M. Auel] on Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario . Este libro es el mejor libro que he leído, lo recomiendo a cualquier adulto: “Los Pilares de la Tierra” de Ken Follett. EBOOKS / EPUB: Ken Follett – Los pilares de . Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Novela Histórica: El clan del oso cavernario, de jean m. auel. Compra, venta y subastas .

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After finishing the book, I sought out interviews with Mrs.

I don’t know how this book escaped my clutches for so long! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’ve heard so much about “[Ayla] was a woman, and she had more courage than you I learned that I can love my quiet time, and apparently I love stories on the ancient human race This is an vavernario story and series.

Hmmm, I thought I’d proofread this K, here is an embarassing story about this book: There’s evidently a lot of reserach that went into these characters and they do feel like highly plausible beings who may once have walked our very same Earth. There is an instance of cannibalism that some readers will find disturbing.

With the permission of the Clan leader Brun she takes the young child with her and helps to heal her wounds. I am simply giving approximations. Ayla is about 5 years old when a massive earthquake leaves her motherless and alone. Scale 1 – Lowest 5 – Highest Sex – 2.


Men also can force a woman to have sex whenever the desire hits them–even if the woman is not their wife. In general, as historical fiction, it meets all my requirements. At many points in the story Auel points out various problems with anatomy, struggles with ideas, and challenges of build that both pibro Clan and Ayla have respectively. It’s equally a story of love and abuse.

Ayla is taken with the Clan as they call themselves to a new cave far from the place where the Quake happened and she lost her own people.

The story does an amazing job of integrating theories of early man. I found myself gripping the steering wheel in my car as I listened to her struggle for survival.

libro Oso cavernario – CALAMEO Downloader

But really, everybody has dealt with those issues, and will be able to empathize with the characters. And the setting is so unique, the writing so vibrant, that I imagine cavernarioo people will find themselves engaged. I was completely drawn into the story right from the very beginning until the last three, heartbreaking words that end the book.

I have read at least part of the second in the series, maybe all of it. The writing is a bit vavernario and kind of gets in the way at times.

The flavor of this book is ‘tribal’, but the sentiment and the moral is, “the totem that chooses you can present many hardships and challenges, but the gifts are worth it. Trivia About Lobro Clan of the C Ayla is a cro-magnon child separated from her people.


I read it several times afterwards, but I haven’t picked it up in years. Love from some of her newfound family, but abuse from a man who can’t understand her desire for more than her assigned role as a female in the clan.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario

She is found by a group of Neanderthals and adopted into their Clan. There were a few times when she caveenario her son got really close to that Mary Sue line–the amount of times she breaks rules and is able to keep from being killed is pretty astonishing.

Narrator was okay, but read a bit fast and with without enough inflection at times Seriously, people, I know the rest of this series focuses on romance, but this book does not, so please don’t shelve it as such! Fortunately, there were not TOO many of these scenes, but there were enough to be noteworthy.

View all 15 comments. I am now off to re-read the entire series!

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