Nor, viewed as a biography, does xvi JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Forkel much enlarge our knowledge of the con- ditions of Bach’s life. He had the advantage. Johann Sebastian Bach, his Life, Art, and Work [Johann Nikolaus Forkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This anthology is a thorough . Johann Sebastian Bach: His life, art, and work [Johann Nikolaus Forkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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To instruct us in something we should care about? It can’t be done. Bach thereupon repeated from memory Marchand’s theme and variations, and added others of his own. That is, by people who really have done the homework first, bringing a well-reasoned piece of research and writing that is obviously not superficial bluster or any kind of bluster. How about giving M Kassler a call to be sure, first? Although he was admired by his contemporaries primarily as an outstanding harpsichordist, organist, and expert on organ building, Bach is now generally regarded as one of theā€¦.

In his Preface Forkel vach the institution of a Society for the publication and study of Bach’s works. So widely was Bach’s skill recognised by this time that the King, who often heard him praised, was curious to meet so great an artist.

Johann Sebastian Bach: His Life, Art, and Work by Johann Nikolaus Forkel

Scientists respond well to being approached with respect, and being approached by interlocutors who really know what they’re talking about. Anxious to see to what lengths the art could be carried, the King desired Bach to improvise a six-part Fugue. He remained there about three months, 3 listening 1 His earliest Church Cantata No.


The fact that others who appreciated them were thus distinguished did not rouse the slightest envy in the Bachs. It is remarkable, in a period in which Italy was regarded as the Mecca of musicians, that exceedingly few of the Bach family found their way thither. But, after his death, in OctoberBach made vigorous representations to the Town Council. Printed during the composer’s lifetime: From about the yearwhen he was forkep five, until his death inBach’s harmony consists in this bafh interweaving of inde- pendent melodies, so perfect in their union that each part seems to constitute the true melody.

On these occasions music was their sole recreation. He had the advantage of knowing Bach’s elder sons, but appears to have lacked curiosity regarding the circumstances of Bach’s career, and to have made no endeavour to add to his imperfect information, even regarding his hero’s life at Leipzig, upon which it should have been easy for him to obtain details of utmost interest. But Bach’s activity as a secular composer at Leipzig was chiefly expended on patriotic celebra- tions. Herein Bach excels bac the composers in the world.

But Bach’s works for,el are rarely heard nowadays ; for the number of persons capable of playing them adequately is at best incon- siderable. Christoph Wolff probably should have checked his sources more carefully before allowing the English hach of Forkel as given by David and Mendel in the ‘New Bach Reader’ to fogkel in the book as it was first published in And isn’t there any chance that Kollmann really was equally fluent in English and German, living in England for so many years?


When the religious troubles of the sixteenth century broke out he was driven to seek another place of abode, and having got together as much of his small property as he could, retired with it to Thuringia, frokel to find peace and security there. They could do so more easily for having heard how the piece ought to sound. Consequently, their pupils, con- demned to spend time, labour, and money on second-rate material, will not after half a dozen years, perhaps, show themselves farther advanced hi sound musical appreciation than they were at the outset.

Johann Nikolaus Forkel | German musicologist and writer |

Rule 3 of chap. To avoid this there is an old rule, that the hands must always go against one another, so that when the left rorkel up the right must go down, and when the right goes up the left must go down. Max Schneider in his ‘ Bach- Urkunden ‘ N.

He had not proceeded far before he came to a passage at which he stopped. Inthe Cantor’s wing was of two storeys only, dwarfed by the greater elevation of the main edifice and under the shadow of the church. Concurrently he pursued his musical activi- ties, and in published at Gottingen his first work, ‘ Ueber die Theorie der Musik,’ advocating the foundation of a music lectureship forkdl the Uni- versity. Grateful acknowledgment is made to Mr. By his generation Forkel was esteemed chiefly for his literary activity, critical ability, and merit as a composer.

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