GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (GNOME 2). Available Versions: · .3 · · · · · · Same documents, formatted as a. GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. Goals; Resources and Planning; Draft Content; Redundant Content. The primary role of the HIG is to. GNOME Human Interface Guidelines · Controls. A frame is a box with a title that you can draw around controls to organise them into functional groups.

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When there is no interesting status to report, leave a status bar panel blank rather than displaying something uninformative like “Ready”.

In Figurethe dialog on the left presents labels which are not left-aligned. This, combined with good layout and spacing, is usually a better alternative to bordered frames. Each pattern is a particular arrangement of user interface elements which can be used to construct an application design.

GNOME Human Interface Guidelines 2.2.3

A separator is a single horizontal or vertical line that you can use to divide windows into functional groups. This is version 3. As the labels are all similar in length, they should be left-aligned.

Placement of visual components in an application is important because relationships hunan elements are indicated by their positions.

Design principles General design guidelines and advice. Subclasses of GtkStatusbar should use the drag handle provided by that class. General Design Graphical Design Usability. Designing a Menu 4. Go to page content Go to main menu Go to the search field. Do not use gnoem in dialogs, alerts or other secondary windows. Progress Bars Frames and Separators. Use statusbars only in application or document windows.


Use spacing and bold headers instead. Characteristics of Responsive Applications 7. For example, while using the selection tool in a drawing application, “Hold Shift to extend the selection” progress of a background operation. Using frames with visible borders to separate groups within a window is deprecated.

GNOME Human Interface Guidelines

Things You Can Do Yourself Go to page content Go to main menu Go to the search field. Patterns and user interface elements form the core of the HIG. This website is available in many languages Switch Language.

Keep It Simple and Pretty 1.

GNOME Human Interface Guidelines

Keep the User Informed 1. Pointer and touch input. The user may therefore never see anything you display there, unless they know when and where to look for it.

The Human Interface Guidelines can be read from beginning to end or used as a reference resource that can be returned to again and again. About This Document What’s new? Go to page content Go to main menu Go huuman the search field. Acceptable Response Times 7. This website is available in many languages Switch Language.


They have three main sections:. This website is available in many languages Switch Language. When a user is scanning a complex preferences dialog consisting of many labels and corresponding check boxes, text fields, and drop-down combination boxes, it is easy to see how she can quickly become hindered by poor layout in the guiedlines design.

If you want to make all or part of your statusbar interactive, use the following conventions:. About Users Administrators Developers.

It incorporates a blend of modern design thinking, along with a concern for practicality and ease of use. They have three main sections: Interface elements – guidance on the various interface elements, such as buttons, switches, and sliders, that you can use in your application.

The patterns allow key design decisions to be abstracted away from the nitty gritty of individual user interface elements.

GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (GNOME 2) – GNOME Developer Center

Put the User in Control 1. Parts of Windows and System Interaction 3. The numan guidelines contain more information on this. Structure of the HIG.

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