Like many before her, poet Gretel Ehrlich discovered the therapeutic qualities of the West. In , a time of personal crisis, she moved from the East to a small. Table Of Contents. The Solace Of Open SpacesPreface. The Solace of Open Spaces. Obituary. Other Lives. About Men. From a Sheepherder’s. Like few writers I’ve ever read, Gretel captured something about Wyoming that I’ ve always struggled to put into words. She suggests that the.

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I got so far.

The Solace of Open Spaces by Gretel Ehrlich

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Snow returns across the field to me, and the cows, dusted with white, look like snowcapped continents drifting. This book falls into a genre of literature of which I am very fond personal observations and understandings of place. So she was on my vague periphery, but I was very happy to have had a chance to read this book, even if it isn’t new.

What an extraordinary woman, on solave of being a greel writer! It’s not toughness but “toughing it out” that counts. I expect to read more of Ehrlich.

The Solace of Open Spaces Summary & Study Guide

Every page moved me; every word brought me into the gritty, bitter, romantic landscape of Wyoming, which I found was exactly where I wanted to be. I loved her insight into herself. Mar 14, Davis rated it really liked it Shelves: I tried to hum the Brokeback Mountain theme to myself while I read to make this book more interesting.

I’ve not read anything like it. I look forward to more from Ms.

Not to be missed. The author has been fairly compared to Annie Dillard and Thoreau and at times her use of prose is pure poetry. It was a landscape of gently rolling hills and a mild climate where you could go around in shirtsleeves pretty much all the time.


Ehrlich left Wyoming to travel but always returned, much to the relief of friends such as John the sheepman, who has been by the author’s side since her arrival in the area. Beautiful environmental ehrlicg and philosophical musings.

A Match to the Heart: View the Study Pack. Jun 11, Sorayya Khan rated it it was amazing. I love place in literature, but this memoir treats it spectacularly. The Solace of Open Spaces. Pages with related products. More often than not, circumstances – like the colt he’s riding or an unexpected blizzard – are overpowering him. Seven Seasons in Greenland. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If you read a whole book of essays by a person, I feel like you should know at least a little bit about them.

As soon as we lay our hands on it, the freedom we thought it represented is quickly gone. Maybe you’re a connoisseur of landscape. Ehrlich’s book while watching the tv series Longmire. Nights become hallucinatory; dreams, prescient. I tried so hard. It’s a lovely piece in a wonderful book. But reading page after page after page about how quietness and the vast mountains and the shy people and the outnumbering animals speaks to your soul and your roots and the core of your existence made me daydream about anywhere but Wyoming.

If I read winter right, it is a scroll–the white growing wider and wider like the sweep of an arm–and from it we gain a peripheral vision, a capacity for what Nabokov calls “those asides of spirit, those footnotes in the volume of life by which we know life and find it to be good. David lasted throughout the project but died shortly thereafter.

It’s uncomfortable to read sentences about how this rancher or that rancher has lived and worked this slaces for generations, without any reference to the Native tribes that first occupied the land. Books by Gretel Ehrlich. The title alone intrigued me—one who thinks that soul nurturing places, solitude and silence are the final luxuries.


According to the author, the book actually began as a series of rough-edged journal entries sent by Ehrlich to a solaace in Hawaii.

The Solace of Open Spaces

Those experiences are what Ehrlich used to draw upon for the book, which was completed in One of my favorite paragraphs from that last chapter: Well, of course, Wyoming bears no resemblance to a Southern California back lot, as I learned when I finally went there as an adult.

Ehrlich visited Wyoming on assignment and, while there, her partner died. It was essentially like reading a travel guide for Wyoming. First of all, though this was published first, there’s another very popular story about ranch hands herding sheep through the Wyoming plains. Ehrlich’s love for this unforgiving landscape seeps from the page and while I won’t be moving out West any time soon I finally get the appeal. Together, these reasons made it nearly impossible for me finish the pages without tossing it aside in disgust and disappointment.

However, this book left me cold. After getting married, Ehrlich and her husband settled in Shell, Wyoming. Islands, the Universe, Home. Ehrlich is more of an impressionist, not always attending to precise details. A beautiful book with a great deal of thought put into words. Her first book, The Solace of Open Spacesis a collection of essays describing her love of the region.

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