März Wann wurde der Brief geschrieben? Wer war Hugo von Hofmannsthal? Wer war Francis Bacon? Was beinhaltet der Brief? Wie wird die. by Aaron Steiner. “The Letter of Lord Chandos” is a fictional letter written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The work was published under the title “Ein Brief” (“A. Long recognized as one of the defining texts of literary Modernism, Hofmannsthal’s “Ein Brief” (“The Letter of Lord Chandos”) remains a very.

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Then, he writes, he became unable to express opinions or judgments in regular conversation. My mind compelled me to view all chanddos occurring in such conversations from an uncanny closeness.

Regarded by critics as one of the first primary texts of the modern era, prominent German literary critic Walter Jens has called the work the first text of the German literary revolution of the early 20th century.

Chandos ultimately says briec will write no more in any known language.

A great deal of the analysis of the work has focused on the apparent paradox that, despite claiming to be unable to write, the author composes a letter of hofmannsthxl length and never fully explains the source of the crisis of language. Chandos describes the stages that have led to his current state, beginning with an inability to speak on matters of philosophy or morality.

First came the loss of the ability to conduct academic discourse on matters of morality or philosophy. Pantheon Books, If language can no longer be magic, then at least it can achieve more mundane effects, as the expression of thanks, as the offering of an excuse. Since that time I have been leading an existence which I fear you can hardly imagine, so lacking in spirit and thought is its flow: University of Chicago Press,34— Yale University Press, But not on account of the answer he gave Domitius.


He describes these instances as the highlight of his existence one example is a detailed, sensory description of the death of cellar rats. Fischer,— I could hover around them and watch how they played, one with the other; but they were concerned only with each other, and the most prof6und, most personal quality of my thinking remained excluded from this magic circle.

The second conflict he sees in the work is a conflict regarding the functionality and usefulness of language. Through the harmony of their clearly defined and orderly ideas I hoped to regain my health. Towards evening I had gone off for a ride and, as you can imagine, thought no more about it. I experienced an inexplicable distaste for so much as uttering the words spirit, soul, or body.

It was far more and far less than pity: These, too, your kind letter conjures up. The task of presenting a lost unity that would encompass his identity and self-difference might be accomplished by crafting a felicitous xhandos letter.

Was the letter ever sent?

Chandos Brief

Uofmannsthal was it that made me want to break into words which, I know, were I to find them, would force to their knees those cherubim in whom I do not believe? In these moments an insignificant creature-a dog, a rat, a beetle, a crippled apple tree, a lane winding over the hill, a moss-covered stone, mean more to me than the most beautiful, abandoned mistress of the happiest night.

And in my mind I compare myself from time to time with the orator Crassus, of whom it is reported that he grew so excessively enamoured of a tame lamprey-a dumb, apathetic, red-eyed fish in his ornamental pond-that it became the talk of the town; and when one day in the Senate Domitius reproached him for having shed tears over the death of this fish, attempting thereby to make him hofkannsthal a fool, Crassus answered, “Thus have I done over the death of hofmannsthl fish as you have over the death of neither your first nor your second wife.


As once, through a magnifying glass, I had seen a piece of skin on my little finger look like a field full of holes and furrows, so I now perceived human beings and hpfmannsthal actions.

How shall I try to describe to you these strange spiritual torments, this rebounding of the fruit-branches above my outstretched hands, this recession of the murmuring stream from my thirsting lips?

I tried to rescue myself from this plight by seeking refuge in the spiritual world of the Ancients. Chandos may have given up his apophtheg- matic project, but it still cnandos as an initiation into a new form of life that he seems to enjoy writing about. But he also writes that these moments are confusing and do no good to help his language crisis:. For Chandos, this means showing his relation to rats hofmabnsthal well as his gratitude.

Chandos Brief | work by Hofmannsthal |

I am rebuilding a wing of my house and am capable of conversing occasionally with the architect concerning the progress bofmannsthal his work; I administer my estates, and my tenants and employees may find me, perhaps, somewhat more taciturn but no less benevolent than of yore. I planned to start an Apophthegmata, like that composed by Julius Caesar: I cannot expect you to understand chanddos without examples, and I must plead your indulgence for their absurdity.

These ideas, I understood them well:

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