How to Plan MAIO and HSN – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) 8 OMO BSC GSM V9R11R12R13 Frequency Hopping. A mobile allocation index offset (MAIO) refers a time delay separating traffic channels. When a Thus, the MA Table, MAIO and the Hopping Sequence Number (HSN) completely configure a hopping sequence procedure GSM standard. View Test Prep – Frequency hopping from ECE at D A V College Cheeka. What is HSN and MAIO in GSM? – + February S M T W T F.

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This is very useful for interference averaging and to randomize the distribution of errors.

Frequency Hopping – GSM

This parameter is a deciding factor for number of carriers that can be equipped on a sector or a site. Also, quality threshold for handovers on hopping carrier should be increased as compared to fixed frequency plan. What is Frequency Hopping? The power level and coverage were the same as it was during the Fixed plan. On drive data call was made to check the data call feature in Hopping mode. Cyclic hopping is preferred in rural environment as it provides hns maximum benefits of frequency diversity.

What is HSN and MAIO in GSM? – telecomHall

In our example, the MA List is small – just three frequencies. Enable combined and non-combined multiframe. Alternatively, for the existing network quality additional capacity can be provided. Message Enter your message. In sectors that have 3 NBCCH Carriers, it is observed that there is degradation in performance of surrounding sectors with same MA list during the peak hours. No problems found 3.

This reuse scheme is suitable for homogeneous network with minimum overlapping areas. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Also, please check the max. The benefits of hopping increase if more frequencies are available for hopping. Implementtaion of 1 x 3 hopping plan in jsn network For a fast moving mobile, the fading situation can be avoided from one burst to another because it also depends on the position of the mobile so the problem is not so serious. Motorola system allows to define the hopping system on a per timeslot basis.


Set 1 is used preferably in sector V1 and so on. This problem is not visible on field but it results in degradation in HSR. Forum options Article index Post Search.

The traffic channels with the same HSN hop over the same frequencies in the same order but are separated in time by a mobile allocation index offset MAIO. Motorola has defined an additional parameter, FHI. MA list is same for all the cells of the site — In this case HSN is kept same for all the cells of the site. No annd found 5. Mobile allocation offset 0 to N-1where N is the number of frequencies defined in MA.

Mobile Allocation Index Offset

Combination of DTx and multiframes. Your email address will only be published if you pay to post this message.

The frequencies in the MA-list are required to be in increasing order because of the type of sgm used to transfer the MA-list. Following phones were used for testing: If there is degradation in quality the downlink or uplink power increases. The frequency is changed on a per burst basis, which means that all the bits in a burst are transmitted in the same frequency.

Presently MAIO is set on per carrier sgm. For example, in two hopping sequences, if we have the same HSN and different MAIO, we guarantee that they never overlap, or in other words, are orthogonal. Jaio very less frequencies for BCCH plan might result in poor quality on BCCH carrier and the advantages of having quality improvement on hopping carriers may be lost.


FHI is the Motorola defined hopping system. FER improves gain of 6 to 8 dB after implementation of frequency hopping. With hopping, the set of interfering calls will be continually changing and the effect is that all the calls experience average quality rather than extreme situations of either good or bad quality.

However, the best way – and always recommended – is to use network planning tools suitable for this purpose, as the AFP, from Optimi, or Ultima Forte, from Scheme. Premium quality termination for wholesale carriers with their own VoIP switch.

Total of 4 such hopping systems can be set in a cell. This planning is hen much similar to the conventional fixed frequency plan with lesser number of frequencies. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Call success rate will depend on the cleanliness of BCCH carriers.

Timeslot 0 of BCCH will not hop. It is the frequency that TRX uses so get hopping. First, the definition of HSN: Defines a hopping system, made up by an associated set of frequencies MA to hop over and sequence of hopping HSN. In this case all the sites should be considered as omni sites for planning frequency reuse. So come on and try to understand better Frequency Hopping is mechanism in which the system changes the frequency uplink and downlink during transmission at regular intervals.

First 15 channels from 32 to 46 is to be used as hopping frequencies. Frequency Hopping What is Frequency Hopping? No problems found 2.

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