Ismail ibn Kathir was a highly influential historian, exegete and scholar during the Mamluk era . opus contains accounts of the early nations of the world, the Prophets and their biographies (seerah) and Islamic history up to his own time. Shafi said: I believe this is an extraction of the seerah portion from Ibn Kathi Ibn Kathir, of course, needs no introduction or review. This book covers the. His mother, Aminah, was the daughter of Wahb Ibn Abdu Manaf of the Zahrah family. His father, ‘Abdullah, was the son of Abdul Muttalib. His genealogy has.

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It is meet that I should thus call upon you and it is meet that you should accept the truth and help in spreading it.

Verily you have taken them on the security of Allah and have made their people lawful unto you by the words of Allah. And despite all opposition and increased persecution, the new faith gained ground. The Prophet determined to make a stop to the reign of injustice and oppression, which had lasted so long at Mecca. United by alliance with the katgir of Ghatfan, as well as with other cognate tribes, the Jews of Khaibar made serious attempts to for ma coalition against the Muslims.

When these Yathribites returned home, they spread the news among their people that a prophet had arisen among the Arabs who was to call them to Allah and put an end to their inquiries.

Al Sira Al Nabawiyya : IBN KATHIR : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

A large number of idolaters remained prisoners in the hands of the Muslims. The women and children of the pagans began to gather around him in great number. The Muslims now ventured to perform their devotions in public. That Allah may forgive you your sins of the past and future, and complete His Favor on you, and guide you oathir the Straight Path; and that Allah may help you with strong help.

If a wound and killing has seeraah you, be sure a similar wound and killing has touched the others. Of the infidels, twenty-two men were lost. So I said to them: He added several benefits regarding the subject of Al-Jarh and At-Ta’dil. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.


These forces advanced under the conduct of Abu Sufyan and encamped at a village six miles from Medina, where seerab gave themselves up to spoiling the fields and flocks of the Medinites.

We have created you for a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. These two tribes, however, were constantly quarreling among themselves.

O people, the booty! There ran four rivers, two were hidden sferah two were visible, I asked: At Mount Uhud the Muslim troops passed the night, and in the morning, after offering their prayers, they advanced into the plain.

As for his private life he is described to have been ever helpful to the needy and the helpless. The literal meaning zahir that occurs to the minds of anthropomorphists al-mushabbihin is negated of Allah, for nothing from His creation resembles Him: Then aeerah asked three times: By using karhir site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sami Choudhury rated it it was amazing Feb 27, The Prophet directed his followers to seek immediate safety at Yathrib, which they accordingly did. And Allah did indeed fulfil His Promise to you when you were killing them your enemy with His Permission; until the moment you lost your courage and fell to disputing about the order, and disobeyed after He showed you of the booty which you love.

Then came a batch, the like of which Abu Sufyan had not seen. But the Prophet, nevertheless, continued his preaching undaunted but the hostility of his enemies or by their bitter persecution of him. But if you really do worship Allah then know that Allah is living and will never die.

Thus was concluded the second covenant of Al Aqaba.

Seeing their inferiority in numbers on the one hand, and the turbulence of the Hypocrites within the town on the other, they preferred to remain on the defensive.

Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad. Among you are some that desire this world and some that desire the Hereafter.

Ibn Kathir

He now decided to appeal publicly to the Meccans, requesting them to abandon their idolatry. It became the duty of the Prophet to take serious measures to guard against any plot rising from within or a sudden attack from without.

At the instigation of the faithful Muhammad, an old league called the Federation of Fudul, i. The siege had already lasted for twenty days. They are but names which you have named – you and your fathers – for ign Allah katbir sent down no authority.


The contents of the letter were as follows: It was at Busra that the Christian monk Bahira met Muhammad.

The Story of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The disbeliveers used to ask: After hearing that Heraclius remarked that sovereignty of the Arabs had appeared. He spoke to the Prophet very softly and begged him to abandon his affair. The Archetypal Sunni Scholar: Polytheism was deeply rooted among the people. Drawn from the katir and most reliable Arabic sources, it offers, in this close English translation, the fullest available account of the historical circumstances and personalities most important in the founding of Islam. But if they turn away, then say O Muhammad: Those who give not the Zakat and they are disbeliveers in the Hereafter.

They urged the venerable chief to prevent his nephew from abusing their gods any longer or uttering any ill words against their ancestors. He recommended such of his companions who were without protection to seek refuge in the kingdom of that pious king, Al Najashi Negus.

You are one brotherhood; but no man shall take ought from his brother, unless by his free consent. The Prophet miraculously escaped through the window and he repaired kathit the house of Abu Bakr, unperceived by door. Towards this end, in the seventh year of the mission, they made a solemn covenant against the descendants of Hashim and Muttalib, engaging themselves to contract no marriage with any of them and to have no communication with them.

When they reached the neighborhood of Muta, a village to the southeast of the Dead Sea, they met with an overwhelming force of Arabs and Romans who ivn assembled to oppose them. Do you Quraish drive out a man who helps the destitute, earns their living, keeps good relations with his kith and kin, helps the weak and poor, entertain guests generously and helps the calamity-stricken persons?

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