B Datasheet, B PDF, B Data sheet, B manual, B pdf, B, datenblatt, Electronics B, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, . Product data sheet. Table 1. Ordering information . -. μA. 10 V. -. -. -. μA. 15 V. -. -. -. μA. CI input capacitance. ci+b datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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This corresponds to a period of: The astable frequency is:.

Not all of the outputs of the binary counter are available externally. This happens because we have connected pin 11 through a diode, oscillation stop and IC remains latched in high state until it resets.

The set up can be modified or enhanced in many different ways for different applications. Connecting this input to the positive instantly stops the IC from oscillating and resets it back to its original state. For this IC, pin 9, 10, 11 and 12 are the active inputs.

B NTE Equivalent NTEB IC-CMOS DIVIDER & O – Wholesale Electronics

The outputs follow the pattern of binary UP counting, as follows: If the diode is omitted from the circuit then you get a repeating timer with the relay off for 3 hours, on for 3 hours, off for 3 hours, and so on until the circuit it reset.

The measured period should be between 3. Satasheet circuit diagram for a RC astable is: Unfortunately, this device is not suitable for timing longer intervals, and so a suitable alternative is required.

The resistor at pin 11 can be considered as some sort of clamping or reference resistor whose value must be ideally 10 TIMES more than the resistor connected at ci 10 combined value of the pot and the fixed series resistor. Pin 12 is the reset input of the IC, which must be connected to the ground for enabling the IC to function oscillate.


It can be set to time an interval from 30 seconds to 24 hours. The frequency of the internal oscillator i.

This makes the astable pulse faster and shortens the overall delay. The following figure shows how a rotary switch id be used for selecting different ranges of the available time intervals, enhancing the delay producing ability of the unit to a great extent. This doesn’t mean that falling edges trigger the bistables inside the binary counter.

The O 3 output, pin 7, pulses at 2.

Here is the circuit on prototype board:. Internally the oscillator signal is applied to the first bistable which drives the second dataseet and so on. The basic frequency of the internal oscillator is determined by the value of the capacitor connected to its pin 9 and the resistor connected to pin You could wait for an hour to find out if the monostable period is correct.

If you open in a new window, you can maximise the prototype ratasheet layout to fill the screen. The timing components are R T and C T.

How to Make Interesting IC 4060 Circuits

The above are the only steps required, through which the IC is fundamentally set up. Now move the oscilloscope link to datashfet some of the other counter outputs. Since each bistable divides its input signal by two, a total of fifteen signals are available, each of half the frequency of the previous one. The charge q stored in a capacitor is the product of its capacitance C value and the voltage Datadheet applied to it. Timing short intervals of milliseconds to minutes can easily be achieved using a NE timer chip.



However, within a few milliseconds the capacitor charges and restores the pin’s potential to the ground level. We originally published this article back in The other pin is connected to ground. Group all Htabs Electronics. If a dealy of more than 1 hour is needed, either R T or C T can be increased. Countdown timer using microcontroller AT89C This is done so that it instantly stops the IC from if and resets it back to its original daatsheet.

Experiment with the buttons under the diagram to find out what they do. Check the locations of hte outputs from the connection diagram or the function diagram of the Datashest to the figure we find pin 12, catasheet is the reset pin of the IC, instead of directly terminating to the ground, incorporating a series resistor.

In the unlikely event that you don’t already have Acrobat Readeryou can download the latest version direct from Adobe:. The frequency is sometimes a little slower than you might expect because ot the capacitance between the tracks of the prototype board.

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