Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning Destined For An Early Grave, the 4th book in the Night Huntress Series, was a nail. Night Huntress Der sanfte Hauch der Finsternis by Jeaniene Frost, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Jeaniene Frost – [Night Huntress 01] – Halfway to the Grave (v).epub Jeaniene Frost – [Night Huntress 04] – Destined for an Early Grave.

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Both Cat and Bones are walking on egg shells with one another. Now I know why this series is so massively popular!

Bones won the duel but Gregor’s allies hate them now and will try to kill them when they get the nibht. He can walk into her dreams and she is no longer safe as she sleeps. Cat and Bones are ready to enjoy a leisurely honeymoon filled with sex and well, more sex. Froat For the Money by Jeaniene Frost. With that said, I kind of liked the conflict between them, I felt like some things needed to be hashed out and it added a more real element to their relationship. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I know this is sort of niight however I had to ask. But I had many problems with it huntresd the way. His years as an undercover narcotics officer probably helped there.

Tell me about it, kid. I have found a few series that I like and the Sookie Stackhouse is the only other Vampire series that I just adore! Cat and Bones are that couple. With a manipulative, vengeful, cunning Nigut vampire named Gregor claiming marital rights to Cat, not on your undead life.

Makes me wonder how anyone under Bones’ line has survived since Cat showed up. That doesn’t mean Bones was justified though. Over a hundred years ago, he sold his soul to a shape-shifting demon that jeahiene killed several of Denise’s family members. I had lots of fun reading this; like I said, it was dramatic and heavy, but it didn’t bring me down. Some things won’t stay buried. I LOVE all your books!! Oh, and Mencheres was awesome too.


Bones is furious that someone would dare to take his “Kitten” from him, and wants Cat to avoid Gregor as he figures out a way to deal with the powerful vamp.

Actually he didn’t cope very well, but my god is he hot when he’s jealous haha, my issues are surfacing. It also turns out that the vampire is not even an ordinary vampire; he is Mencheres, a millenary master vampire and one of the most powerful vampires in the world.

Shelve The Bite Before Christmas.

Night Huntress 04 Destined For An Early Grave – PDF Free Download

I don’t like how Cat holds back, Bones deserves so much more. I was curious about such character being a hero, but a little apprehensive as well because he almost seemed too old and too wise. I’m super glad to continue this series and to find that I still love it, was a bit scared I won’t. It was the kind of knot you get when you hear your parents having fight.

And is it just me or does the guy on the cover looks just like Brad Pitt on Interview With the Vampire? Maybe the next book will have Cat back to her kick-ass, smart, independent self. Contrary to other readers of this book, this was my favorite out of the whole Night Huntress series! Cat goes out almost every night in the hopes of finding and slaying her father, only to be captured by the vampiric bounty hunter Bones.

It even had plenty of shock twists and turns that kept things quite intense, but was also riddled with a few annoying flaws.

Cat starts having dreams that are nightmares or memories. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jeaniene is a near genius at dialogue. Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Romance Leila is a very lucky lady… Love them too!!! How lame to be stuck with Justina for all eternity. There was a slight mystery as Cat has to figure out what Gregori means to her, even making me question what was right and what was wrong, until the author cleared that muddy picture jjeaniene quickly when revealing new things about the vampire and Cat’s history.


Destined for an Early Grave

The biggest jeanienee changer is that Cat no lo 4. I’m hurdling towards the end, gaining on the seventh book that ends this series and ends my voyeuristic adventures with Bones and Cat. I even got my best friend hooked on them all too!

If I didn’t know it was the same crost I wouldn’t even recognize them. Instead of meeting people with an attitude, she acts like a decent person unless they give her a choice otherwise.

Up from the Grave cover, stepback, and description

She acts without knowing all the angles and doubts Bones’s abilities more than he doubts hers. To view it, click here. Want to Jeanifne saving….

Tavia Gilbert was awesome as always. Throughout their relationship to date, Cat had nothing compared to the history that Bones had and I found it rather entertaining that hunfress felt so threatened by Gregor. The cover and step back are amazing! Gregor believes Cat is his and he won’t stop until he has her.

I won’t quote it again because I’ve already spazzed over it in my last review. If the book was provided by the author or publisher or publicist for review, or obtained through a third-party service like NetGalley or Edelweiss, it will be noted on the post. Gregor is a ‘dreamsnatcher’–capable of invading her dreams, and wants her to return to him.

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