Benefit Illustration. Statutory warning: “Some benefits are guaranteed and some benefits are variable with returns based on the future performance of your life. LIC Jeevan Saral (plan ) is one of the most ‘flexible’ and ‘feature rich’ conventional endowment type plan ever launched by LIC of India. LIC Jeevan Saral – Plan – Complete Calculator – can help you to understand all the benefits of LIC’s Jeevan Saral plan, including premium, maturity.

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If I wish to continue upto 5 years, how much i will get all total? Surrendering a policy in between is not advisable due to several reasons. Now i do not remember why is this policy of any use to me.

It will take four more years to declare loyalty additions for 20 year term. The increase of Loyalty addition rates with the term is a good indicator of the high possible returns of long-term policies. Half Yearly Session Start: Now after 10 years in I am getting basic amount plus bonus rupees. Please let know how much 1165 can get back Reply Use this calculator to get the surrender value.

Mukesh Uniyal 15 January at With added benefits of no income tax at maturity With an average life insurance plan. MSA – Maturity sum assured is the assured amount which I would surely received. PolicyX or any of its subsidiaries does not endorse any of the information provided herewith and are committed in providing correct and unbiased information to its customers helping them make an informed decision.

FD is a good option but it not covers life risk.


Reply You have done a great decision to take the policy at the age of 19 years. So now what I can do. My policy is jeeven saral term noquarterly premium is started Let me know the maturity amount if I surrender the policy and is there any deduction in amount if I surrender my policy before maturity my maturity period is 20 years. Reply I have same question. There is no minimum jevean at maturity but the jesvan age is 70 years.

Tanbeer Ahmed 4 February at What will be the Special Surrender Value if I surrender the policy after paying full premium for 27 years? It is also added on time in case of surrender.

I took the Jeevan Saral policy in yearwith Rs as yearly premium and Rs is the maturity sum assured. But remember that you will get the maturity sum assured and loyalty addition of a ten year plan only if withdrawn on tenth year.

I have a doubt. I think the question was asked by Anand, not Sagar. Keep the term as 10 years. What will be the maturity amount after 15 years? In sarao case of partial surrender in policy, the benefits will be proportionately reduced. Please give me advice what i do. Reply Hi Ashish, Thanks for your detail in this page.

Mohammed Gufran 9 February at I have a seperate term policy. If I wish to surrender after 5 years, how much i will get all total? Thus, can you please let me know how much amount I be getting after taxes.

Reply I am small salaried person Rs. LIC has declared loyalty addition rates up to year term and the loyalty jjeevan rate shown here is as per the rate declared by LIC for current year.

But you will get sum assured value written on bond plus bonus of every year. What will be the maturity amount after 25 years? How much money shall I get? Ashish Shaw 7 October at Please help on below questions. It gets a share of the profits in the form of loyalty additions which are terminal bonuses payable along with death benefit or maturity benefit.


Jeevan Saral is a good policy, especially for young people and as you have purchased it at the age of 32 you are eligible for a higher maturity sum assured compared to endowment plans. Use this calculator to get the surrender value of your policy.

LIC Jeevan Saral (Plan 165) – Details, Calculators, Review and Illustrations

You can choose between these two based on your risk appetite. Davin J 19 March at Reply Add a comment here. Jan I would like to surrender my policy, so how much I will get amount including my paid premiums and Bonus etc. As you have not mentioned your age at the entry, I am unable do it for you.


There is no magic wand neither in me nor with any expert of earth to provide and suffice all your requirements. Reply The increase of Loyalty addition rates with the term is a good indicator of the high possible returns of long-term policies. So far in Jeevan Saral plan Loyalty additions up to 17 years only have been declared.

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