MVS and JES2 Commands. MVS Commands Cheat Sheet. R n,,NOREQ: Normal JES2 startup reply; K E,D: Erase bottom display area an console; K A,NONE. a “quick reference” to JES2 commands. Who This Book Is For. This book is intended for use by a system console operator who controls JES2 on a. Jobs 6 – 15 OS/VS2JCL. Operator’s Library: OSjVS2 MVS System Commands. Operator’s Library: OSjVS2 MVS JES2 Command. Language Reference Summary.

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LOCAL to route the output to the host computer. The output automatically backspaces one page or card to prevent data loss.

Displays the number of jobs waiting to print or punch. Cancels the job jfs2 reader 1. First special thanks comjand Sam Bass for providing me with the syntax information from his old.

A job currently executing finishes execution and enters the print queue on hold. The information on this site is the combined effort of a lot of people, please credit the authors if you use their information. If a job is awaiting processing, it becomes active.

Table of Contents

For devsubstitute one of the following:. XEQ displays only jobs awaiting execution. Operators can use this command to print applications requiring special forms. Logically Backspace A Device.


Where J nnnn is the job name. Displays information about the job s named DATA. The second operand gives the number of pages or lines to reprint or repunch or it tells the device to backspace to the beginning of the current data set. Displays the attributes for job Cancels the alternate option. PUN to route punch output. Displays all jobs in the system under the operators jurisdiction.

Q class Unless you specify output classes, JES will search all output classes for work; therefore, always use the Q criterion.

This command terminates current printing or punching and re-queues the print or punch output. Displays the number of special forms jobs and their job classes waiting to print at the operators reerence. Where nnnn can be a single job number to place that job on hold or a range of job numbers to place a series of jobs on hold. Where type is the type of output to route, nnnn is the number of the job to route, and yy is the jes of the routed output. Backspaces punch 1 five cards. Typically, printing problems occur when the job criteria form and class do not match the printer criteria.

To print a short job with a priority lower than or equal to the job currently printing, complete the following steps. Operators can use this command to prevent a job from skipping lines between data lines because of a programming error.


This section lists the most commonly used JES2 remote commands. Before the slash, JES searches output classes in the order specified. Routes all job referecne output to remote 3.

The ALL operand displays all attributes. After the device stops, the operator can restart it one of these ways:. Routes the punch output of job to the host computer. The job resumes cmomand according to job priority.

It does not terminate the activity in progress. Allows jobs routed to remote Rx to print at either Rx or Rywhichever is available first.

z/OS JES2 publications

Routes job s print output to the host computer. PR n to start printer n. If the operator specifies a job, the software flags it for purging. Releases the job named DATA. For problems or questions regarding this web contact Bob.

Substitute one of these values: Comand the operand typesubstitute one of these values:. Sets printer 2 to form If you detect any errors or have any suggestions for updates or corrections please drop me a note at:

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