JOBST Elvarex is a range of flat-knit compression garments for the treatment of lymphoedema. The #1 source for Jobst compression stockings and garments. From compression socks to medical and diabetic wear, we have you covered. The name JOBST® means effective compression therapy and quality. Our superior brand meets the therapy and aesthetic needs of today’s active consumers.

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SoftFit provides more gentle, seamless friction on the skin which means there is no cuttting in and less slipping down, even when moving about. JOBST Elvarex is available in a wide range of styles, colours and RAL compression classes jbost ensure a high degree of patient concordance through its therapeutic efficacy and superior comfort, helping patients to feel comfortable and confident every day and for every occasion.

Comfortable Balanced mix of soft yarns and high quality cotton ensures high elasticity for easy donning and comfortable wearing even during long business days. These active particles greatly enhance the properties of the fabrics:. Are you a Healthcare Professional? In fact, every sixth man suffers from chronic venous insufficiency. Constructed entirely without a seam, this unique and innovative custom-made, flat-knit compression foot cap provides unrivalled pati The perfect combination of comfort, style and gradient compression therapy.

Your doctor will prescribe or recommend the right compression class to ensure medically effective management of your venous condition. Visit the JCI Site.


Venous disorders are jobwt an exclusively female condition. Available in many colors to mix and match with patients wardrobe for high compliance. The activated carbon technology permanently incorporates natural active particles that have micro porous structures into the fibers that form the fabric.

No.1 flat-knit garment on prescription

For full details, including measuring information, please refer to jjobst Compression Therapy Price List or contact Customer Services on or e-mail compression. The medical compression sock impresses with functionality and timeless elegance in your professional life.

JOBST compression hosiery is the 1 recommended brand among physicians. Below from left to right: With every laundering the odor reduction mechanism gets recharged.

C2 – The best system for optimal comfort.

SoftFit technology is a unique system of silicone yarns, knitted into the top band of the garment. Health conditions, lifestyle habits, heredity, injury, surgery, age, and pregnancy all play a role. Ideal for men spending a lot of time in standing or sitting situations: Find effective ways to manage lymphedema and improve fluid flow using compression garments for your arms, legs, head, neck, feet and chest.

International Career opportunities at BSN. Medical gradient compression stockings come in three different compression levels designed to help jobs venous conditions. The images below show armsleeve options. Outstanding sheerness for beautiful legs. Comfortable High cotton content on skin removes moisture quickly for dry skin and provides all day wearing comfort. The premium quality jobt content ensures a natural feeling to the skin and reduces the potential for skin irritations.


SofitFit is less bulky and smoother making it more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear.

Jobst Global – Jobst

The images below show body bandage options. Compression Class 2 and 3 Features Successful therapy is enhanced through high working pressure Fine-meshed material with very good durability Convenient wearing comfort through skin friendly and air permeable textile yarns Ready-to-Wear and M The analysis of in-depth interviews with our target groups indicated that prejudices, lack of education and low acceptance often delay or prevent detection and treatment.

The images show slip form options. Natural The high cotton content — the classic of all clothing fabrics — ensures a natural feel to the skin and reduces the potential for skin irritations. The effective medical compression stocking is a universal companion for strained legs at work and leisure time.

Browse Compression Therapy Garments | JOBST USA

Long and Regular leg lengths are available in combination with anatomical shaped heel. Longevity Activated carbon continues yosiery work since it is not a surface treatment but inherent in the fiber. It really brings joy to wear it:

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