Mar 28, The book gives the readers ample and rich information about Vedas, Vedic people who are said to possess more spiritual and scientific knowledge than what. May 4, In The Krishna Key, the protagonist Saini is accused of murdering his close friend and stealing a sacred seal supposed to unlock the secrets of. The Krishna Key by Sanghi Ashwin from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!.

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The Definitive Collection Written by: There were too many questions that were unanswered. The whole plot has many twists and turns and too many characters involved. As a man with his own limitations and excellence.

The Krishna Key – Wikipedia

I am not sure whether the author understand the meaning of research or whether mentioning some so called research papers of dubious origin in bibliography at the end of the book would make it krlshna like a well researched book.

Coming to the strong points of the asshwin, the theories of Krishna being an actual historical figure are fascinating. You can check in any time but you can never leave! If you are not expecting a mind-blowing, fast thriller and want a light read, then this is the book for you.

Succubus Blues Book One: In order to save himself from the actual murderer and the police, he has no other choice than to solve the puzzle. You will have tough time to put it down but at the same time last few pages will exhaust you a bit. Ashwin Sanghi brings you yet another exhaustively researched whopper of a plot, while providing an incredible alternative interpretation of the Vedic Age that will be relished by conspiracy buffs and thriller-addicts alike.


It was really a great learning experience too. The author have made such comical assumptions and hypothesis that it is hard to distinguish at times whether you are reading a mystery or the manifesto of some Right-wing organization like RSS or BJP.

The history of Mahabharata and Krishna is seen from four different perspectives. I liked it a lot, kept me hooked throughout. How did he convince those people to do this favour for him?

Hi, I’m Keshav, and my life is screwed.

The Krishna Key | Ashwin Sanghi | Book Review |

Are you being paid to endorse these products, Sanghi?? Who was this mysterious caller? So when I am reading this one along with international ones, it was obvious that this book was going to be neglected. I had no idea about a lot of things that were mentioned in the book and I was intrigued enough to actually look them krishma. It was really a great learning experience too as I didnt know most of the things written about Krishna and Kirshna I really felt guilty sometimes while reading as I didnt know about one of the greatest epics but learning has no age – better late than never.

The Krishna Key – Ashwin Sanghi

The way he takes symbolism from one meaning to a completely different monkey is both hilarious and absurd. I have read krixhna The Rozabal Line 4 stars from me and found it super-cool Then comes Inspector Radhika, a toughened-up cop after fam Background: The way Sanghi manoeuvred the plot with a meticulous compilation of Mythological, Theological and Scientific facts is splendid.

Fulzele thrives on shock treatment……. He is bleeding to death!

S – I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t see the reveal of Mataji coming. How do I even begin to review this book?

Forget about it, just because “The Krishna Key” is based on a “story” of historical conspiracy doesn’t elevates it to the standard of “The Da-Vinci Code”. Please read it atleast for the facts that every Indian should know. The author narrates a detailed version of the sangho Mahabharatha history through the protagonist, a distinguished professor of history, who himself happens to be a lineal descendant of Lord Krishna being from Saini tribe of Punjab.


Humanity xshwin of its fate if the Blue God were to die but was reassured that he would return in a fresh avatar when needed in the eventual Dark Age—the Kaliyug. Open Preview See a Problem? Add to it a serial killer and a Mumbai don and that’s all you need for a perfect thriller. Again conflict of theories, but this didn’t hold good. Getting a deja vu of Langdon in Angels and Demons??

The nightmare begins again. Humanity despaired for its fate if the Blue God were to die but was reassured that he would return in a fresh avatar when needed in the eventual Dark Ages – The Kaliyug. I think Indian writers like Ashwin and Dr.

And yet, at the heart of it all, there lies tenderness However, that night, on the eve of her birthday, Zara messaged me. The villains, whom I shall not reveal, also have very loose backgrounds and are not convincing enough to want them to fail.

Did Krishna truly leave behind a legacy? When bodies start dropping around him, Professor Saini is one of the main suspects, while little do authorities realise that Professor Saini is one of the targets too. Ashwin Sanghi’s latest not only disappoints but also bores the living out of me. After these shlokas, the present day story continues.

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