Logo EJEMPLO: Halle la suma de: + 34 Utilizando la Yupana La Yupana en la Multiplicación LA YUPANA EN LOS NÚMEROS. PROFESOR CARLOS DIAZ LA YUPANA HERRAMIENTA PARA REALIZAR CÁLCULOS. APRENDE A COMO EFECTUABAN LAS. The work singles out a multiplication in the yupana by Guaman Poma de Ayala: unique example of computing carried out with the method used by ancient Incas, .

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Esto es lo que l entre: Contar, numerar y ajustar se refiere a tres operaciones distintas: The work singles out a multiplication in the yupana by Guaman Poma de Ayala: El texto de Guaman Poma Pag.

Yupana and Quipu Transferring numbers: It should be emphasized that this interpretation, apart the supposed error calculation or representation by the designeris the only one that identifies in the yupana of Poma de Ayala a ypuana and consistent message multiplication and not a series of random numbers as in other interpretations.

Sin embargo, las cifras totales de mineros y de vestidos atribuidos para el tributo son completamente redondas y decimales: It should also be noted that the Nueva Coronica was discovered only in in the library of Copenhagen and that part ,a the studies on it were based on previous studies and theories regarding table-yupanas.

What color were the favorite by the Incas?

Yupana, tabla de contar inca | Viviana Moscovich –

Fue co-autor del Catecismo en quechua y aymara. These seeds could be replaced with one seed of the next column, useful during arithmetic operations. In addition to providing this brief description, Poma de Ayala draws a picture of the yupana: The compartments are arranged symmetrically with respect to the axis of the smaller side of the table.

The Incas combine colors? Su reflejo en la dama poderosa de Valencia, cuna del Ajedrez moderno y origen del juego de Damas. E a mando sus quipos en los m[an]os E por los dchas piedras dixeron… AGI Mackey, Carol et al.


The document itself is part of the so-called “Documents of Michchinelli” found in an Italian family archive in the years of XX century, and even served as the cause of the invention, by Italian Raimondo di Sangro the color printing in ! Radicati Di Primeglio Conseguently the deciphering revealed the method of computing and the number system used by Incas. The last column is dedicated to the memorywhich is a place where you can drop momentarily ten seeds, waiting to move them to the upper line.

Primeramente se perdieron en aquella jornada indios y mujeres … 2. Even from the images you will understand that we were able to solve many issues of the yupana and quipu. Will we be able to decipher the signs tokapu if we know about the color? Los guiones son de dos tipos: Fondo Nacional de Cultura.

Why was used a color naranjado by Guaman Poma de Ayala and nobody others?

La Yupana En La Adicion De Numeros Naturales

Bet Shemesh y Varsovia. Only a maximum of five seeds could be included in a box belonging to yuppana first column, so that the maximum value of said box was 5, multiplied by the power of the corresponding line. Colouring to differentiate the compartments. In the central part there are four square compartments, coupled between them.

She finds the relation between the table-yupana and the Inca key also in their connection with the concept of duality: B very similar to a really existing tocapu fig. The sequence of numbers 1,2,3,5 would be casual, contingent to the calculation done and not related to the Fibonacci series.

Florio identifies a drawing fig. Esto es lo que ocurre por ejemplo en yupan frase: Emilio Mendizabal was the first to propose in that the Inca were using, as well as the decimal representation, also a representation based on the progression 1,2,3,5. Help Center Find new research papers in: InCarlos Radicati di Primeglio yupanx the difference of table-yupana from that of Poma de Ayala, describing the state of the art of the research and theories advanced so far.


We understand how to use Yupana together with a calendar of and days, and both were located the Wakas on the yupana because they have a numeric value and color.

Este hecho parece esencial para entender el texto de Guaman Poma y su dibujo: Diego Gonzalez Holguin mentioned in his dictionary not only about a trillion 1but also about a quadrillion 1 !

Skip to main content. For the first time we deviate from the positional numbering system and we adopt the additive, or sign-value notation. Estas aptitudes o inaptitudes convierten a esta lista de 10 calles en realidad en una lista de 5 grupos de personas.

La Yupana En La Adicion De Numeros Naturales Research Papers –

Figura 2 1 Fuente de los dibujos De Guaman Poma y de los textos manuscritos: What colors did not see the Spaniards? It is a rectangular table 33×27 cm of wood which contains 17 compartments, of which 14 square2 rectangular and one octagonal. Guaman Poma de Ayala, Felipe.

When I did, it was immediately apparent that the tribute obligation was distributed among the same accounting units as defined in the last Inca census.

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