I don’t have too much experience with Mage, just recently picking up Revised Mage They have a generally unified vision of humanity’s ascension, and want to The Technocracy saw the Sons of Ether as a liability to their. The Sons of Ether are a strange group to exist in the Council of Nine, but their open approach to the possibility of anything makes them a. All Sons of Ether must use Foci for their effects until they surpass Arete 5. possible in the paradigm of the other; this is known to others as the Ascension War.

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Changing interactions can cause Disharmonies. The violent signals of Patterns cannot be drawn from Vibration 4 but the breakdown effect can be controlled with an overall “volume control” on the harmonics; a Vibratory potentiometer, if you will.

Learning from another Son of Ether requires a successful mental challenge, with a difficulty equal to the rote’s usual vulgar difficulty.

These folks make Etherites walk on eggshells at times but they are a source of hope and inspiration as well. In twenty years, as humanity’s ideas of what it is possible for technology to do increases, some currently Technocratic technologies will no longer be “magic” because they’ll have been integrated into the consensus. While other Technomancers pioneer new worlds, the Sons of Ether take the discarded cast-offs of technology and turn them into creations of the imagination.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! From these Etherites hail such legends as Doctor Frankenstein, whose laudable advances were twisted to unfortunate ends. Alchemy had a long life in the early Technocracy until Chemistry put the nail in it’s coffin, etc Enlightened Science, monotheistic mystical traditions, shamanistic nature magic, sympathetic and symbolic charms, and sacred geometries are examples of a few other paradigms.

It’s always good to incorporate the Mage’s particular interests and beliefs into a seeking. The Sons of Ether are composed of unique individuals with their own special theories. A first Seeking is liable to be simple – a softball test the Avatar sends the Mage’s way to get them going.


Email required Address never made public. Magw doing so, by making “futuretech” more common place, they would essentially be giving the Technocracy the belief needed to use their most advanced gadgets and procedures artifacts and roteswhich are normally just as unstable as magic right now. All the mages understand how Consensus works, the Technocracy has made an organized and highly successful effort to manipulate the Consensus to match their agreed upon paradigm.

Sons of Ether – Project Fiction

The scientist can harmonize himself mentally, biomechanically, etc. Such stubbornness is the ascenxion of genius after all. Some base their works heavily on the use of a unique material — ether being the most common example — while others are more pragmatic.

It’s the absolute freedom to theorize, experiment, and dream beyond the purely Technocratic paradigm.


I mean ideally, everything follows the plan, but as in most cases with long-term plans, it changes over time to cope with the circumstances. Despite broad Tradition stereotypes, the ascensoon majority of Etherites are not wild-eyed, white-haired professors who talk to themselves as they build their latest monster.

Help Contact Us Go to top. The Paradigm The Model: Notify administrators if there kf objectionable content in this page.

They make for interesting seekings for the less mystically minded. The few remaining Cybenauts cruise the Digital Lf and turn it to their whims. Suddenly all of the Etherites ships, instead of being the future, were now obsolete, running on a theory that no longer made sense. The Celestial Chorus didn’t invent Christianity or Islam. I think it makes more sense to see the Technocrats and the Traditions as two ways of interpreting the thing that they actually are rather than seeing the Technocracy as a kind of Tradition.

They stray because they’ve got more room to travel. With so many geniuses at work all across the globe, each pursuing their own pet theories and following their own particular procedures, the professional communication between the Etherites is frantic and usually hopelessly conflicted.



Nonsense — there are only doors that have not yet been opened by Science! And it holds a host of seemingly-contradictory physical properties. Some hte are stable enough to bring in new blood and remain homogenous.

Despite their wildly divergent theories, Etherites do tend to clump together. Research is currently being conducted in generating mirrored harmonics that may neutralize or actually reverse the energies emanation from Vibration 5.

Son of Ether characters cannot teach rotes to non-Etherites, nor sns they learn rotes from non-Sons of Ether. A few Etherites also experiment with mental powers, psychic phenomena, and pseudo-mysticism, especially the Adventurer types. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here All kinds of things. For whatever reason, though their methodologies might appear similar in some respects, that is not how I would illustrate the aim of the Technocracy in my games.

Understanding the Sons of Ether/Void Engineers’ mindset : WhiteWolfRPG

They employ a similar Scientific paradigm. Prima Materia album Philosopher’s stone Yliaster Chaos cosmogony. One of sone ways that I conceive of the difference in the outlooks of a group like the Sons of Ether versus the Technocratic Union is something like what follows. Why would a convention even genuinely believe in an intermediate step in scientific advancement? Indeed, the very act of observation changes the outcome, as the Technocracy has discovered in its own acceptance of quantum science.

Computers, mental disciplines, mathematical constructs, hand tools, engineering schematics, ether goggles, scientific meters, specialized alloys, timepieces, notebooks full of theories, lab rats literal or figurative Tradition Advantage:

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