Alamut takes place in 11th Century Persia, in the fortress of Alamut, where story from which transforms itself into a nightmare novel of the new century. A review of the historical novel Alamut by Vladimir Bartol. Vladimir Bartol, a Slovenian, wrote the novel in during the rise of the totalitarian dictators Hitler. Alamut is a novel by Vladimir Bartol, first published in in Slovenian, dealing with the story of Hassan-i Sabbah and the Hashshashin, and.

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Though his story cannot be reduced to allegory, he clearly intended it as a caution against the use of deception and force to gain power. His contemporary critics considered it too exotic, too adventurous and not Slovenian enough.

The fight for the Seljuk throne begins. The novel and its plot were the inspiration for the popular Assassin’s Creed series of video games. Yellow glowing sunset Amazing Ljubljana Slovenia https: Afterwards, Hassan orders ibn Tahir to go and kill the grand vizier of the Seljuk sultan Nizam al-Mulk. Therefore, fedayin believe that Allah has given Hassan the power to send anybody to Heaven for a certain period.

In the French capital, he met with the Slovene literary critic Josip Vidmarwho introduced him to the story of Hassan-i Sabbah.

In brief, Noel is a quite faithful account of the beginning of Ismailis’ history inwho established a sect of Assassins led by Hassan Ibn Saba, and at the same time a vivid allusion to the period of terrible dictators between the two wars.

Meanwhile, the Seljuk army besieges Alamut.

Vladimir Bartol

The story opens from the point of view of Halima who was purchased by Hassan to become a houri. He transfers the power over the Ismaelits to the hands of his faithful daimilitary, and religious chiefs.


Another interpretation compares the Hashshashin to modern-day terroristsparticularly islamists and Hassan-i Sabbah to their leaders. Alamut is a novel by Vladimir Bartolfirst published in in Nobeldealing with the story of Hassan-i Sabbah and the Hashshashinand named after their Alamut fortress.

AlamutAssassin’s CreedbookscultureradicalisationreadingSloveniatranslationVladimir Bartol 4 Comments. Bartol was an obsessively meticulous person, so it is no wonder that he thoroughly researched numerous historical sources, philosophical works, especially Niccolo Machiavelli’s Il Principe The Prince,and, of course, the Koran in order to write his novel.

Hassan encloses himself in a tower, determined to work until the end of his days.

The Author of Alamut. Hashish and a hidden garden full of beautiful, virginal women were the secrets of his success. A Journey Through the Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Createda book about imaginary dystopian societies noovel published by Hachette this November, I decided to write about the nightmarish, yet weirdly alluring fortress of Alamut.

198 Hassan encloses himself in a tower, determined to work until the end nvoel his days. Views Article Discussion Edit History. But an eerie correspondence has arisen between the novel’s premise and current events, as another stateless organization led by a charismatic and ruthless individual adopts suicide as a weapon. This was not what I might have expected from a Slovenian novel published in on the brink of the second world war, but it was intriguing.

Another fedai kills the Seljuk Novle and the Seljuk empire dissolves. There, he is appointed to the squad of the most valiant soldiers, named the fedai. The Assassin by Barry Sadler, 13 in a series of novels about a Roman soldier present at the crucifixion who is doomed to live forever; this time he finds himself a prisoner of Hasan and his fanatical assassins.


Upon hearing of his success, Hassan informs Miriam that Ibn Tahir is likely dead as a result of discovery, Miriam commits suicide from her disillusionment. At the start of the story, he is gathering an army for the purpose of attacking the Seljuk Empirewhich has taken over possession of Iran. There can be few themes more calculated to obsess a writer than that. Thank You for Your Contribution! Bartol’s other works include drama Lopeztragicomedy Empedoklesand collection of short stories Trieste’s Humorous Sketches We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

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Alamut (The novel that inspired Assassin’s Creed)

He graduated in and noveel with his studies at Sorbonne in Paris – Yet there is much, much more to this novel than politics and religion. Although only a few of his works are still read,…. When it was originally published, the novel was sarcastically dedicated to Benito Mussolini. However, time was on Bartol’s side.

Vladimir Bartol |

The whole, despite the occasional longeur, still has the power to shock, to move, and to provoke. He also wrote over literary, theatre and art reviews. More info Casca Samarkand by Amin Maalouf, a literary novel by a Lebanese author about the poet Omar Khayyam, in which the young Hasan Sabbah makes an appearance. These articles have not yet undergone the rigorous in-house editing or fact-checking and styling process to which most Britannica articles are customarily subjected.

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