The stakes get higher in #1 NYT bestselling author Anthony Horowitz’s latest masterpiece. As the fourth novel in the spellbinding Gatekeepers series begins, the. Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Summary: An excellent fast paced thriller, ideal for boys but equally enjoyable for girls. If the rest of the series is up to the same standard as.

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Power of Five series: I would recommend this book to people interested in a little bit of horror in ages Once there Matt lets himself be captured by the Chairman after being betrayed by a despondent Paul Adams, attempting to barter him for Scarlett. A marked difference between original is evidenced by a lead character, Matt, b Necropolis The Gatekeepers, 4Anthony Horowitz Necropolis is a fantasy nceropolis by British writer Anthony Horowitz. It is the fourth novel in his The Power of Five series.

Then you get to ‘Necropolis’, and almost immediately you are sucked in. Weather control is fine, nothing mind blowing and Horowitz certainly showed it’s potential power in this book, but All of the Five are separated all over the world with their partners, due to having no preassumed destination decided between all of them, also it is said that since the door collapsed as they were going through it, one final trick was played on them.

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It involves Hong Kong and the meeting of the 5. However, the restaurant is destroyed by a bomb. So much blood and death Want to Read saving…. However, later that night, a man named Ramon brings the diary belonging to St Joseph of Cordoba, claiming that he feels remorse for helping Diego Salamanda decode the diary. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Necropolis is easy to read and exciting.

Necropolis : Anthony Horowitz :

Jun 13, Shakira rated it really liked it Shelves: There was no stimulation in this story, or drive, to make one even mildly interested as to what happens next. It’s feasible for the five to overcome such entities but he’d have to pull off some spectacular writing in bk5 if he wants to make the epic vibe believable and satisfying. Later that night Richard, Matt and Jamie travel by boat to Hong Kong and come under attack by the Hong Kong police under the control of the Old Ones after they are betrayed by the captain.


Meanwhile, Lohan’s men kill all but one of the Old Ones’ agents, who is wounded but hides.

What age group is this book most suitable for? This one was a bit slow to start, and there was a lot of repetition for those who have not read the first three books, but once it got going I loved it! Matt reveals that his being captured was in fact a plan he had made with her father. The book was released in the United Kingdom and Australia on 30 October But a massive storm is heading straight for Hong Kong, thanks neecropolis Scarlett who has the power of wind on her side.

However her path will not be easy, she is locked down in Jorowitz Kong, soon to be Necropolis, there are eyes everywhere, she is alone, in a city so large no one cares, there is only one path.

Matt and Scott have to earn year old Scarlett Adams goes through a portal in a London church, ending up in a monastery in the Ukraine, thereby revealing herself to the Old Ones, who want to capture the five Gatekeepers. He’s not the only one looking for her. But on that note: She was wearing a tight jersey that showed off the shape of her body – round and lumpy.

The Power of Five series.

There were a few new characters necfopolis I really enjoyed reading about in this one. I feel like the book focused too much on the plot and creating action, and not enough on the characters.

Necropolis was the best book in the series There, she is transported to the Ukraine, inside a monastery where she is captured by monks who worship the Old Ones. Paul Panting is a British voice actor with a unique vocal talent.


Cooper author of the Jason Steed series has been compared to Anthony Horowitz readers have actually theorized it’s Horowitz using a pseudonym. The problem I have with mo I loved this book. I thought there was a reason that Horowitz never defined his power, I thought he was unpredictable; without limits. There, she is transported to Ukraineinside a monastery where she is captured by monks who worship the Old Ones.

Necropolis (Horowitz novel) – Wikiwand

Matt theorises that Ramon xnthony hypnotized to give the diary back to the group to create the idea of using one of the doors to get to Hong Kong. The House of Silk Moriarty Scarlett’s father works for Nightrise in Hong Kong, and when she is accidentally revealed to be one of the Gatekeepers, he sends for her. Cooper as “The most original and best spy-kids authors of the century. It is part of the Hong Kong Observatory warning system on the intensity of typhoons.

No trivia or quizzes anthoby. Richard Cole does not use the false name Abram Stitchkins. The characters lack depth, and quite frankly, I didn’t actually care about any of them. Because their powers are strengthened when together they begin to think of escaping. However, necropopis fatherstationed at the jetty, finds her and hands her over to the chairman, who recaptures her believing that it necropoils help her, and keeps her at Victoria Prison. But the monks in Ukraine, led by the monstrous Father Gregory, want to hand her over to them.

Later, she escapes by attacking the monks and returning through the door. The Gatekeepers 5 books.

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