Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 5C1 at Engineering API RP 5C1 specifies color-coding to indicate thickness. The color coding should consist of a paint band of the appropriate color approximately. TORQUE TABLE REVIEW 8 RD THREAD CASING Group Discussions Options: Reinstate Min. & Max. Torque Values with References to section Remove.

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Care should be exercised to prevent setting casing down on bottom or otherwise placing it in compression because of the danger of buckling, particularly in that part of the well where hole enlargement has occurred.

Early studies and tests indicated that torque values are affected by a large number of variables, such as variations in taper, lead, thread height and thread form, surface? Joints that are questionable as to their proper makeup in 4. Corrosion can also be in? API standards are published to facilitate the broad availability of proven, sound engineer- ing and operating practices.

The adequacy of the original tension safety factor of the string as designed will in? Returns Policy – Only publications received in damaged condition or as a result of shipping or processing errors, if unstamped and otherwise not defaced, may be returned for replacement within 45 days of the initiating invoice date. Material which has neither been damaged in shipment nor shipped in error requires prior authorization and may be subject to a shipping and handling charge. Frequently, wear occurs on only one side, that being the casing on the low side of the hole.

Impact against adjacent pipe or other objects may cause a local increase in the hardness of the pipe to the extent that they become susceptible to sul? Wear occurs inside casing and liners by rotation and movement of the drill string while drilling.


Corrosion on the outside of casing can be caused by corrosive? Also desirable is an analysis of the ef? For specialty connections, consult with the manufacturer on the proper thread compound.

The performance properties can be calculated by using the remaining apk thickness. If the makeup is such that the thread vanish point is buried two thread turns and 75 percent of the torque 4.

API RP 5C1 Review Torque Tables WI ppt download

Leak resistance is obtained by the joint itself. These inspection techniques are limited to location of cracks, pits, and other surface imperfections. Every effort has been made by the Institute to assure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained in them; pr, the Institute makes no 5×1, warranty, or guarantee in connection with this publication and hereby expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for loss or damage resulting from its use or for the violation of any federal, state, or municipal regulation with which this publication may con?

When using a spinning line, it is necessary to compare hand tightness with spin-up tightness. A copy of the initiating invoice must accompany each return.

API RP 5C1 Recommended Practice for Care and Use of Casing and Tubing

For more information, contact: This condition may penalize joint strength, leak resistance, and in severe xpi, lead to abutment of pin ends near the center of the coupling in the made-up connection. Block pipe by nailing 1 by 2 or 2 by 2 blocks at both ends of the spacing strips.

This purpose is defeated if the second pass extends onto the casing. These investigations should cover: The actual length under tension in the hole can be obtained by consulting graphs that are prepared for this purpose and are available in most pipe handbooks.

  6GK1500 0FC10 PDF

These investigations should cover the following: The apk of metal loss may 5c the application of used casing and tubing. Do not overload truck to the point where there is any danger that the load cannot be delivered to its destination without unloading.

Tubing inspection and handling –

Two passes are preferred. Neither should anything contained in the publication be construed as insuring anyone against liability for infringement of letters patent. If needed, adjust torque and repeat.

There is no positive remedy, but using external upset tubing in place of nonupset tubing greatly delays the start of this trouble. Information concerning safety and health risks and proper precautions with respect to par- ticular materials and conditions should be obtained from the employer, the manufacturer or supplier of that material, or the material safety data sheet.

The following are also checked:. Internal corrosion might also be due to stray electrical currents electrolysis or to dissimilar metals in close contact bimetallic galvanic corrosion. Or see the online interactive apk of the catalog on our web site at www. Generally, API standards are reviewed and revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn at least every five years. Improper landing practice, which produces stresses in the threaded joint qpi excess of the yield point.

Hard areas or cracks may cause failure, especially when the casing is subjected to tool-joint battering.

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