endorsed by Games Workshop, Black Library and/or Fantasy Flight Games. As a fan-made . living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. A native of .. distant, lightly populated, and lacking in important industries. The sub is big on faith. Following Games Workshop’s closure of the Black Industries imprint, and compiled it into a PDF titled “The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia”. Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods 31 Mar , and The Inquisitor’s Handbook (optional supplementary rules). .. The Calixis Sector is very deliberately a region riddled with.

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Scintilla is also a world of corruption.

Guide to the Calixis Sector – Dark Heresy – FFG Community

There are houses on almost every planet that rely on House Krin to help maintain their own finances. The Jericho Reach is at once a region rich in resources and a potential curse upon the Imperium. They may act as if they were noble families but the truly hereditary Great Houses are quick to point out that their memberships are based on ambition and skill, rather than bloodline.

Needless to say, good champions do go come cheap, and the very best are retained by the noble houses of the spires. This inhospitable blaxk is the site of a mendicant order whose fraters occupy a vast bastion.

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: The Inquisitor’s Handbook: A Player’s Guide to Dark Heresy

Cursed, they say, a fount indusgries witches and other foulness. The noble houses quarrel constantly over what orders to give to the guild, but they are also well-aware that they should not bully or otherwise cross the Guild Peripatetica lest the engineers point them towards a crevasse or other dangerous obstacle and hold the citadel to ransom.

Certainly, with its gudie hives and eradication of natural landscape, Malfi resembles a Segmentum Solar hiveworld far more than any of the other worlds in the sector, and its claim for capital eminence seems reasonable.


In spite of this, the Arbitrators are a feared force because they are loyal to nothing save Imperial law. The Ordos Calixis come together in the Calixian Conclave, the figurehead of which is the Lord Inquisitor Caidinan inveterate master of intrigue whose face is ever obscured behind a mask and who is said to walk amongst the populace at will.

Jonathan rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Samuel Potter rated it really liked it May 23, The Gorgonid is a vast open mine hundreds of metres deep. The Bastion is typical of the Inquisition waystations and local fortresses peppered across the Calixis Sector. Skaelen-Har is a massive corporation founded on a set of comprehensive philosophical principles known as the Concordium.

In times of great crisis, the Officio of the High Council Calixis can call upon the help of any Imperial Adepta it requires.

Lord Sector HaxChief Astropath Xiao and a few others know of its existence, and those who do not are kept away from the moon by dire warnings about geological instability. The hive city is now a titanic mass of wreckage gradually being reclaimed by the voracious jungle. At the other end of the social spectrum, the underhives are rife with mutants, outlaws and ultra-violent gangs, as well as the psychotic zealots of the Redemption.

The Awesome Dark Heresy: The Goldenhand houses a massive, infinitely complex financial market where commodities are bought and sold at a dizzying rate, and enormous amounts of money and goods change hands hourly.

The captains believe that the caste system is the clixis the Misericord has survived for so long and are quick to bring anyone opposing it to trial. They are not as lavish as those of other yhe, as their position is secure enough for them not to rely on such vulgarity to ensure their position.


Its dry, dusty streets and prefabricated rust-red buildings are home to a community mostly geared towards maintaining the spaceport and ensuring that the port remains self-sufficient. Skull deploys huge numbers of new, expendable troops to swamp the enemy while the elite Harrowguard function as shock troops. The bastion is said to have been built by the Black Templarsduring the Angevin Crusade. The Masqued revel in licentious, debauched behaviour and delight in extremes of falsehood and mendacity.

Oliver rated it really liked it Jun 12, The Calixian Conclave has troops, spacecraft and Acolytes at its disposal, but its most valuable commodity is its Inquisitors themselves, who possess skills and authority beyond the imaginings of most Imperial citizens.

No claim may be staked in the Shatters and industrirs mined there is not owned by anyone. Inxustries with new rules and careers, as well as all manner of essential gear, the Inquisitor’s Handbook is perfect for players and Game Masters alike. Sometimes confused with the Threnos Zone. Adam rated it liked it Mar 03, Home Recent Calixus Welcome Wiki.

The members of the Alliance must walk a curious tightrope between maintaining the traditions of their homeworlds and kingdoms, and acting like fully recognised nobles of the Calixis Sector. Possibly the most demanding challenge faced by the Calixian sector authorities is the massive, decades-long Imperial Crusade taking place in the distant region called the Jericho Reach.

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