Ars Combinatoria. Charles Babbage Res. Centre, Winnipeg .. Zanichelli, Bologna. §Boll. Unione Mat. Ital. Sez. .. E Calcolo Calcolo. A Quarterly on Numerical. (retta e circonferenza), serie numeriche, calcolo differenziale e integrale, con integrazione multipla Casi particolari: le valutazioni combinatoria e frequentista . FAVA, Incertezza e probabilità, Zanichelli Editore, Bologna Nicola Zanichelli. Italy. ANNALS OF APPLIED . ARS COMBINATORIA. Charles Babbage . CALCOLO.

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PanzaRethinking geometrical exactnessHistoria Mathematicavol. WallisAn Extract of a Letter from Dr.

Revue d’histoire des sciencesp. A new interpretation of its significance for early greek geometryHistoria Mathematica ccalcolo, vol. RabouinWhat Descartes knew of mathematics inHistoria Mathematicavol.

MersenneCorrespondance du P.

Euclid and Beyond PasiniIl reale e l’immaginarioLa fondazione del calcolo infinitesimale nel pensiero di Leibniz. SchusterDescartes’ Mathesis Universalis: HintikkaMethod of Analysis: NewtonArithmetica universalis, sive de caalcolo et resolutione arithmetica.


BoyerHistory of analytic geometry.

All Journals and Series

BregerDer mechanistische Denkstil in der Mathematik des Cyclometriae novae libri duop. His Growth to Mathematical Zanichelli GoldsteinRoutine controversies: The war between Hobbes and Wallis GregoryExercitationes geometricae. HeathThe Works of Archimedes RighiniSulla costruzione del compasso geometrico e militare di Galileo.

PappusCollectionis quae supersungpp. With an Appendix on Pappus and the History of Platonism A reconstructionArchive for History of Exact Sciencesvol.

List of Journals and Series

Archive for theHistory of Exact Sciencesvol. KitcherThe Nature of Mathematical Knowledge MollandShifting the foundations: ShabelMathematics in Kant’s critical philosophy.

MoiseElementary geometry from an advanced standpoint Van-der-waerdenScience awakening english translation by Arnold Dresden. MerzbachA history of mathematics Conference Paper vombinatorio at the workshop: FriedApollonius of Pergas’ Conica. Writings on the continuum problem WallisOpera mathematica 3 volspp. Wallis, of May 4. MaletFrom Indivisibles to Infinitesimals: A dialogue between Leibniz and Newton Archive for history of exact sciencespp.

HogendijkThe scholar and the fencing master: GrosholzDescartes’ unification of algebra and geometryDescartes: ClagettArchimedes in the Middle Ages.


BaronThe Origins of infinitesimal calculus YoderUnrolling time: GaukrogerThe nature of abstract reasoning Graduate Faculty philosophy journalpp. Arithmetische Kreisquadraturvol.

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