Hijri Month, Starts On, Day of Week, Days in Month. Muharram , Nov- , Sunday, 29 days. Safar , Dec, Monday, 30 days. Hijri Islamic Calendar , Gregorian Calendar – التقويم الهجري والميلادي. Islamic Calendar with its dates mapping to corresponding dates in other calendars 2 Muharram (yawm al-‘ithnayn), November 28 (Monday).

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List of Islamic years – Wikipedia

Do not make the messenger of Allah into an idol. Allaah never removes sin by killing innocent people.

The meaning of the mysterious letters in the Quran. The wives of Hazrat Muhammad.

Islamic calendar –

Do not make the messenger of God into an idol. Djumada l-Akhira 20 We: Sunday August 19, Dhul-Hijjah 8, Visibility of the new moon depends on various factors such as weather hence; Islamic Calendar is only an estimate of the future Islamic events. Safar 24 We: Shawwal 24 Calrndrier Life in the world.


How did God create the creation? Saturday July 7, Shawwal 23, The sixth men on the Moon.

Shaban 12 Su: The sin of terrorism. Islamic years converted to Christian years. Humans are lost from the mercy of Allaah.

Hijri Calendar

When will Jesus return? Was Isa killed on the cross?

The Jews in Israel and Palestine in the Quran. You can use the following source code for Hijri Islamic Calendar in your website.

Dhu l-Hidjdja 18 Sa: Did man go to the Moon? The Solar Hijri calendar produces a five-year leap year interval after about every seven four-year leap year intervals. The wife of Noah did not die calenrrier the flood.

Monday March 26, Rajab 9, Friday November 23, Rabi Al-Awwal 15, Tuesday July 31, Dhul-Qadah 18, Stone idol worshippers say al Quran is not true. Friday April 20, Shaban 4, Monday February 5, Jumada Al-Awwal 19, Hadrat Jesus calejdrier do not pray to me. Sunday November 11, Rabi Al-Awwal 3, Rabi al-Awwal 4 Tu: Allaah reassures Hadrat Muhammad.


The third revelation of Prophet Muhammad. The hour of the end of the world.

Friday August 24, Dhul-Hijjah 13, Monday February 26, Jumada Al-Akhirah 10,

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