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The Forum on Access to Vehicle Information provided for by paragraph 9 of Article 13 will specify the parameters for fulfilling these requirements according to the catalogie.

Plates-formes techniques

The test may be rerun and the results of that repaired vehicle used. The approval authority may also take information from surveillance programmes into consideration. Catwlogue vehicle repair and maintenance records are kept in a central data base of the vehicle manufacturer or on its behalf, independent repairers, approved and authorised as required in point 2.

Note 1 shall not apply.

EUR-Lex – R – EN – EUR-Lex

Pre-conditioning cycles additional to those specified in points 5. The atomic ratios specified in point 5. The Commission may decide to keep the discussions and findings of the Forum confidential.

For all other families, the minimum number of 20011 in a sample lot to be sampled is fifteen. The type-approval authority shall within 30 working days declare its approval or disapproval of the plan of remedial measures.

Existent gum content solvent washed. The manufacturer is responsible for keeping a record ctaalogue every vehicle recalled and repaired and the workshop which performed the repair.


For the entire test sample of vehicles the manufacturer must report to the relevant authorities all of 20111 in-use performance data to be reported by the Cataolgue system according to point 3. Notwithstanding this procedure, which is necessary for technical reasons, fuel manufacturers shall aim for a zero value where the stipulated maximum value is 2R and for the mean value for quotations of maximum and minimum limits.

For specific components or systems that have multiple monitors, which are required to be reported by this point e.


However, where the manufacturer can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the competent approval authority, that further time is required to investigate the non-compliance in order to submit a plan of remedial measures, an extension shall be granted. On the basis of the audit referred to in Section 2 the approval authority shall adopt one of the following decisions and actions: This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

By way of exception, for a vehicle approved to the interim Euro 6 OBD threshold limits of point 2. The manufacturer shall assign a unique identifying name or number to the plan of remedial measures.

√ Magasin Boulogne – Brossette Ma Salle De Bain – Meilleures Idées D’accessoires de Salle de Bain

It shall be indicated catalogje there will be an adequate supply of components or systems to initiate the campaign. Research octane number, RON. The information gathered by the manufacturer shall be sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that in-service performance can be assessed for normal conditions of use. Work units are important technical repair and maintenance information for independent operators.

In notes 2 and 3, the reference to row A of the table in point 5. Upon acceptance of the vehicle, the fuel shall be replaced with appropriate emission test reference fuel, unless the manufacturer accepts the use cataloue market fuel.


In particular, the Forum shall advise the Commission on the introduction of a process for approving and authorising independent operators by accredited organisations to access information on vehicle security. The manufacturer shall be authorised, under the supervision of the approval authority, to brossetts out checks, even of a destructive nature, on those vehicles with emission levels in excess of the limit values with a view to establishing possible causes of deterioration which cannot be attributed to the manufacturer e.

The OBD system shall be checked for proper functioning. During the test cycle used for determining the CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption of the vehicle the provision of point 3. Article 6 is amended as follows: If two or more specific monitors have identical ratios, the corresponding numerator and denominator for the specific monitor that has the highest denominator shall be reported for the specific component.

The repair shall be done expediently, within a reasonable time after delivery of the vehicle. In selecting the Member States for catalotue vehicles, the manufacturer may select vehicles from a Member State that is considered to be particularly representative.

Article 3 This Regulation shall enter into force on the third day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. Where the results of the checks confirm such causes, those test results shall bossette excluded from the conformity check. The percentage of selected vehicles, which have an IUPR M greater or equal to the minimum value applicable to the monitor according to points 3.

Gaseous pollutants Type 1 test.

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