Their site runs on ExpressionEngine and uses ForceType in the htaccess file to change the name of the file (to “site”). Like this. When this directive is set to All, then any directive which has ss Context ForceType, LanguagePriority, SetHandler, SetInputFilter, SetOutputFilter. If yes, please add the below code in ss file under the account. AddHandler application/ >> Server with php5.

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Hiding PHP In general, security by obscurity is one of the weakest forms of security. This way, every non-recognized file including files without an extension will be treated as HTML. Sign up using Email and Password. Hopefully it will work for all server types. Make a file named.

PHP: Hiding PHP – Manual

Anyone looking at the downloaded javascript will surely be able to see that it’s special and deduce that it was generated dynamically, right? Previously I did it this way: This one thaccess any response that would otherwise be transmitted without a Content-Type header. This is how you say, a very “special” JavaScript file. Instead, we would employ the php.


For Windows-based HostOptima servers, this is a bit different, and requires the following edit:. I expected a error. All times are GMT This page was not helpful.

.htaccess ForceType alternatives? Making a .js file run as PHP | Web Hosting Talk

Email Required, but never shown. Sign up using Facebook. What you are doing is not advised. Current Specials Confused about which service to pick? Sign up using Facebook. Another way to hide htaccezs is by removing the extension completely, like so: Htaccezs other words, it mimics the behaviour of the old DefaultType directive: This is blackhat at it’s finest.

I use the following in the. The problem is that safe-mode forces Apache to honor trailing characters in a requested URL.

Hiding PHP

Why the IF statements, just use them all. When trying to follow a tutorial such as http: If you’re keeping up on patches, version exposition should not be a problem for you.

No, this doesn’t look like it follows PCRE. This way there’s no special exceptions to parsing certain files, and you get the same result.


Email Required, but never shown. This will fail after upgrading to 2. This is the equivilent of blocking all connections on a firewall, and then opening up only the ones you want, which is a lot safer than leaving everything open globally, and assuming your programmers will never overlook a possible security hole.

The above code somehow works, but I’m not sure why though Post as a guest Name.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Join Date Mar Posts Order Now On the hunt for a htacces deal?

Search for the config variable you modified, and if it’s different than default, the change was made successfully. The educated, security advisory reading attacker vs.

It is definitely meant to deceive the user, for corcetype number of reasons that I won’t get into.

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